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Functional Art
by Nickadoo
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Nicole Belanger
Brome Lake , Vermont - Canada
Wood - Other/Misc.

Tree Trunk tables by Nickadoo.
Viewed from a wide, almost philosophical, perspective, a forest is like any other living organism on this earth. Any odd day some cell – in this case a tree – will die, to be replaced by a new cell, in the forest’s case a sapling. For the fallen trees that strew the forests in my Brome Lake area, I have found a way to give them a new and altogether totally different purpose.
We salvage the logs or trees either taken down by the forces of nature or knocked down from lumber activity and then strive to give them a new life, a rebirth, an avatar. Each tree is then cut either in slabs that will become tables or consoles, or stump size logs that will eventually be transformed into side tables or tabourets.
Each piece is cleaned without using any chemical and kiln-dried for four or more weeks to remove of all bacteria, bugs, mold and mushrooms. In this way, every piece is guaranteed to be safe for indoors. After multiple and lengthy sandings and hand-polishing,...
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Orange julep - wood - 15"H x 13"D - $in gallery

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