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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is ArtistSite.org?

ArtistSites.org is a developing, next generation virtual community for artists and photographers - Like a MySpace designed specifically for artists. Right now there are many places where artists can display their work online, but most are difficult to navigate, often expensive, and do not really provide the foundation for networking and sophisticated interaction between artists.  ArtistSites will not only make it possible for art enthusiasts to better browse and engage artists, but also allow artists to interact with each other outside of a standard posting board mentality.

How much does it cost?

All personal ArtistSites pages are free and will stay free.

Is ArtistSites.org really FREE?

All personal ArtistSites pages are free and will stay free.

How do I activate my account?

After you register for an ArtistSites account, you are automatically emailed a registration email that contains your password as well as a link that you need to click on to activate your account. If you cannot click this link, then copy and paste it into your browser address bar and that will activate it for you and you will be able to login.

I haven't received my registration email to activate my account, what do I do?

If you haven't received your registration email then it has been accidentally filtered from your inbox. The first thing to do, is to check all of your bulk, junk, trash, or spam folders. If you do not find it in any of those folders, then you will need to use the "password recovery" function at login to have another one sent out. Before you do this it is recommended that you add support@artistsites.org to your webmail address book. This will help to validate all email, including the registration email. If you do not receive it a second time around, then please contact us.

Everytime I try to update my portfolio, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

There are two possible reasons that your portfolio will not update. The first is that you have not entered ( or correctly entered) your website name. All member accounts need to have a website name associated in order to set up your portfolio. Please see the instructions below.  The second reason is that you need to click the "update portfolio" button at the bottom of the configuration page in order for any changes to be reflected in the system.

Image Questions

How many images can I upload?

You can upload up to 25 images on your ArtistSites page.

What types of image files can I upload?

We only accept standard "web" image files less than 1MB in size, those with the following extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif
Please note that .pdf, .html, .tiff, .doc, ,.bmp are NOT correct web image formats and will not display in the system.

Image File Names

Uploaded images cannot have any symbols in the file name except a dash - or underscore _ If your image has a !@#$%^&*+"?><:/\':;<>,.?/+=, etc. then it will not upload correctly. Correct: tom_image1.jpg or tomimage1.jpg  Incorrect: tom&jerry.jpg or tom's picture.jpg or tom#1.jpg

How big of an image file can I upload?

The max image file size that we accept is 1MB. Anything larger will not upload correctly and may cause your portfolio not to update correctly. Please note that some users experience a problem with images that are wider than 1000px. If your image is less than 1MB in file size and you are still having problems, you may need to resize the image to be a smaller width.

Setting up your ArtistSites page:

1. Log in to your ArtistSites account using your email address and the password that was emailed to you in the registration email.

2. The first thing you need to do is go into your PORTFOLIO CONFIGURATION and enter a WEBSITE NAME into the WEBSITE NAME box box. This the name of your ArtistSites page and will be part of the url of your page. You cannot have any spaces or symbols in this field. For example, if you wanted to name your page after your name "john doe" you would enter johndoe into the website name box and your website url would then become http://www.artistsites.org/johndoe/

3. Enter a title for your website in the "WEBSITE TITLE" box.

4. At this point please click the "UPDATE PORTFOLIO" button at the very bottom of the page. You will then receive a message on the page that says, "Thank you, your portfolio has been updated".

5. You can now go back to PORTFOLIO CONFIGURATION and fill out your website subtitle, artist statement, select the category and medium, and pick a color scheme. After you are done, click the "Update Portfolio" button again to save the changes.

Setting up a Gallery & Uploading Images:

6. After you have configured your ArtistSites page, You can now set up your 1 free gallery and upload your images. Before you can upload any images, you need to set up a Gallery in your "MY GALLERIES" manager. This is simply for the admin section of your website and not seen on your ArtistSites page. You can access your "MY GALLERIES" manager by the link in the left navigation bar, under Portfolio Configuration. By default the free ArtistSites page only allows you to set up one Gallery. After you have set up your gallery, then proceed to "MY IMAGES" manager to add your images. Please note that none of your gallery information will show up on your ArtistSites page, it is strictly for managing the images that you upload in your member area.

7. After you have set up a gallery, you will then need to go to your "MY IMAGES" manager to upload all of the images that you would like to see on your ArtistSites page.

8. Simply click on the "MY IMAGES" link under the PORTFOLIO MANAGER link in the left side navigation bar to enter your "MY IMAGES" manager and to upload your images. In the images manager, you can also set the main image of your ArtistSites page and also the display order.

9. To upload an image, click on the "Add Image" button. You will be taken to a screen prompting you for upload and image information. Please be sure that your images are acceptable file types, are named correctly, and are less than 1MB in size (see above image information for help). After you have entered the necessary information, click "Add". Do not click away from this page until the image has uploaded and is displaying in your image list. Once it has uploaded successfully, you can add another image or click away.

10. To view your page at any point, you can click on your portfolio link URL in the upper left side of the account. Just be sure to save/update any changes first.

11. Once your account is set up and configured, you can update your ArtistSites page as many times as you like, change out images, etc.

Uploading a Personal Picture:

12. You can upload a personal image in your Profile. Personal images display in the tope left corner of your ArtistSites page and also in any comments that you leave for other artists.

***If you have any questions, experience problems, or would like to give us some feedback or suggestions to help make our service better, please contact us through the contact form.  We will respond right away to your inquiries and problems.

-The ArtistSites.org Team


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