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Tatiana L.Sougakova
Fabric of life
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Tatiana Sougakova
Plainsboro , New Jersey - United States
Acrylics - Abstract

Tatiana L.Sougakova - abstract expressionist explores "fabric of life" - how the smallest and the largest things around us intertwine in the visible and invisible worlds in the endless mechanism of creation and change. The art is greatly inspired by scientific discoveries and imagery as well as seeking similarities in different spiritual, religious and philosophical movements. In essence, the artist is giving impression of invisible forces, energies and laws of nature and universe all combined and intertwined on the same canvas.
She is currently working on creating two new movements in art FLIPPABLES and POLYANALOGISM.
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Flippables - the art that looks good any side up.
A long time ago I have noticed that people are often very unsure which side up is abstract art. So, unless you have a prominent signature in the corner, it is very difficult to read artistís mind. Why not engage the viewers and let them participate in the creative process, or at least in the interpretation of the work, I would ask? Maybe it is possible to create art that would be very serious and ambitious during the creative process, but playful and joyful at the same time during the viewing (if the viewer does not want to read too deeply into it). This type of art would provide versatility in placement, and would look great in the personal space, remaining a serious work of art at the same time.
That is how FLIPPABLES were born. Now the movement is taking off and some other artists are trying to create flippable artwork.
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Favorite things
The topic is borrowed from a wonderful art show at Mercer County Gallery (NJ) last fall. The curator suggested to all of the artists to come up with a description of their favorite things or influences.
I am going to keep mine very light, here are some of them:
- Classical ballet (especially in Mariinsky productions)
- period costumes (the fancier, the better)
- books or videos proving that animals can truly do some amazing things. Related to that is a book by Jeremy Narby "Intelligence in nature.
- Sky and clouds
- NASA photos of galaxies and stars
- Three men in a boat (Jerome K.Jerome)
- Some fantasy children's books
- SNOW!!!
Here are just a few, what are yours?

Transformations - acrylic on canvas - 8x11 - $available

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