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H2O by RIC
San Diego, California
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Ric Chedester
Oceanside/N.Co. San Diego , California - United States
Watercolor - Other/Misc.

I'm a Cancer Survivor and started my painting when the Cancer bug found me sleeping on the job. I felt that I needed a place to concentrate on something other than, "the bug". so I chose to pursue the life of an Artist. I've sold a few pieces but I have just begun.

phone: (858) 204-8911
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has it really been that long...
I must confess to me not painting in about a year now. Life just kept moving and the brushes stayed idle. The ideas are there its the action that Im having a time with. when the fire of passion slowly dims to a flicker what does one do to get it burning bright again. bright as a lighthouse beam bringing the lost sailor safely to port. I want it back but I guess I'm the one who needs to want it bad enough to go for it and not worry about producing some Fantastic work of art each session spent. So many Real Professional artists through history had slow times too. I suppose its not about each time I pick up a brush that Fantastic will run out the end of it. I will not resort to taking and ear but instead just Practice on Fantastic.

has it really been that long...

Touching Bases
Well I am back from the MIA file. Just a quick note to keep you present... I'm Alive!! Thanks to the help of a caring friend that has brought me back to this site that I had tucked away into the past for way to long. I will upload some new work very soon so don't leave for as long as I have.
Thanks Earleen!

It's time !
Here I go. I'm on my way back to my Shangri-la...
I've been on a physical and mental sabbatical in Bend, Oregon for the past 16 months and now it's finally time to leave. I've been away from the weather and the Ocean too long. I need to be Energized.
My move is starting and with my mental images stored and a new camera in hand I will move back to the city. What's that ? I think I can hear the Ocean already...
Talk to you soon, Ric

Lets play catch-up
I'm still here...I have been dealing with the medical field lately but think I have things all lined up for my attack.
On the lighter side of things the paints are flowing again. I have done a couple new pictures and am excited to soon upload for your viewing .
On the 30th & 31st of August I'll be at Winchester Bay for the Art by the Bay show that is put on by Friends of Winchester Bay. I'll be set up for my first showing and will be doing some painting and visiting with the many that will attend. I'm very excited to be able to participate. Hope to see you there.

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Big Wave - watercolor - $given as a gift

Priyanka Puja Mankotia Bhand
2011-03-01 00:12:24
beautiful work.i love it.there is so much richness in the colors.
Craig Cantrell
2010-01-19 18:26:47
Awesome work, I like it.
Debbie Houston
2010-01-05 10:22:49
Ric, Thanks so much for your feedback on my work! I looked through your artist sites page and the linked website - and wow - you have some truly great work out there! I enjoyed looking through it and will be back in the future to see what new. Thanks again and best of luck to you!
Muqeet Danawala
2009-06-07 03:08:37
Vry Nice Work... I likes ur work ... Bst of Luck! Takes Good Care ur Self...

Muqeet Danawala...
Ric Chedester
2008-09-23 09:34:42
My Journey Continues...
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