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Matter Symphony
uniquely original art
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Charles Bell
Chula Vista , California - United States
Drawings - Abstract

I never set out to become an artist. Drawing was not something I thought much about, it was something I just did. All the time. With whatever writing utensil I happened to have in my hand. On whatever surface the point of that instrument happened to light on.

Yet the act of drawing has always fascinated me. How a single line can grow to become a mosaic of lines, shapes and shadows that make up this newly born, unique vessel for the eye to enjoy and the mind and soul to fill and interpret in very personal ways.

I love the simplicity of pen and pencil. Of stark two color contrast. Of a canvass that is so ordinary it becomes remarkable because of it’s every day utility. Most of what I draw begins with a black ink pen and an 8½ x11 inch standard piece of paper. Over time I’ve broadened my scope, using different size papers, varying paper colors, and some colored pen and pencil work. But all of it remains fundamentally based on simple lines, shapes and shadows.

Artist Blogs

Uniquely Original
Abstract art is defined in many ways. Google offers twenty-two such definitions. I would define my own work as “a vessel created to be uniquely filled by the eye, mind, and heart of the viewer.”

* Each drawing is unique
* Each drawing is an original (no reprints or digital duplication)
* I hope that each drawing makes a personal connection with the viewer

The most often asked question I get when people see my work is, “What does it mean to you?” I always give the same answer, because it expresses how I feel about what I draw. I ask them, “What does it mean to you?”

The Name
The name "Matter Symphony" is derived from a short story written by Isaac Asimov.

"I've thought of manipulating Matter. Imagine! A symphony of Matter."

Eyes Do More Than See
by Isaac Asimov
Copyright 1965 by Mercury Press, Inc.

The main theme of this science fiction story is that the human race has advanced so far beyond it's origins that the very possibility of existence as physical beings with senses and emotions is unthinkable. The story is about the rediscovery of and growing desire for what was lost, seen through new eyes. It speaks to this rediscovery of the physical and emotional nature of human beings as "a whole new artform" and as "abstract forms."

The story touches on my work in many ways. My drawings are simple lines and shapes on plain paper. Viewers as a whole find the drawings visually pleasing. Beyond that, many of them also feel an attachment to a particular drawing or drawings that elicit a deeper, emotional connection. Something more than just what the eyes see.

Matter Symphony - 9 x 12

Julie Kurtz
2008-09-17 14:07:31
Nice work. Very original. I like the contrasting touch of red in Matter Symphony. Thanks for sharing your art.
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