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Erica T. Tucker's Masterpieces
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Erica Tucker
Fayetteville , North Carolina - United States
Acrylics - Portraits & Figures

Hello, Everyone! I'm Erica T. Tucker an American artist, painter and designer. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in art. Drawing and painting are hobbies of mine. I have had no formal training in art, but I really enjoyed art class when I was in elementary school. My elementary school teachers began to notice that I was pretty good at drawing and painting. This gave me the confidence to continue to draw and paint. I even entered a school bus poster contest in the fourth grade and I won! In high school I took Art I in my freshman year, Art II in my sophomore year and Art III in my senior year. Therefore, when it became time to chose a topic for my Graduation Project, I knew I was going to involve art. I graduated from high school in the year of 2010. I am currently attending a Technical Community College and I plan to major in Fine Arts of Advertising and Graphic Design.
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Erica T. Tucker's Art Skills
I have several skills in art. I can draw, paint and design basically anything that comes to my creative mind. I enjoy painting, drawing and other crafts. The arts and crafts I use are canvases, acrylic paint, sponge brushes, permanent markers, chalk pastels, hair spray, card board boxes and box cutters. I like to take visual art classes by not just doing art but also learning the history of art. I believe art is life. Art is what makes up the world so we can live a completely abstract life. I'm interested in arts and craft stores. I like AC Moore, Michael's, Pier 1 and Jo-Ann's. I enjoy visiting museums and looking at the exhibits. The art work at museums are amazingly beautiful and exhibits are culturally diverse. I am an American artist of the abstract expressionism movement who favored large canvases, dramatic colors and loose brushwork. There are two major types of abstract expressionism and they are action painting and colored field painting. I am more of a colored field painter because I like my art work to be in color but sometimes I do my art work in black and white. I can do sillhouettes, collages, portraits and scenery. I like to paint and draw pictures of anything especially pictures of my family, friends, famous celebrities and cartoon characters.

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