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opplemeyer , Wyoming - United States
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mental meanderings of a sick mind:
about the art and the artist:
to me art is not something holy or mystical that the viewer must work feverishly to understand; it's up to the artist to make their work accessible. for me, art is meant to inspire or evoke a response from the viewer. if my work does that, even part of the time, then i have achieved my objective. every person brings a different history with them when they experience art, no matter the genre or medium, and each takes away something different afterwards.
for me the act of creating is as involuntary as breathing and as necessary. i don't actually care whether someone likes or dislikes my work as long as they feel SOMETHING. please, don't get me wrong, it's fantastic to hear that someone likes my work and it's even better when they buy something but if someone is moved by it either way then i feel that i have been successful. for me, that's enough.
there are several different types of media represented here because there are some subjects that just demand one type and while something else might require another. some of these images are drawings or paintings; some of them are film photographs and some are digital photographs; some are acrylic paintings and some are digital artwork created by me via the computer.
all pieces are titled, signed, numbered and dated and are ONE OF A KIND; there may be several sizes of an image but only one of each size will ever be sold.
all of the art you see on these pages is copywritten and the private and personal property of the artist and may not be duplicated or utilized without the express and written consent of the artist.

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other important links:
i owe a great deal of my much improved mental health and sense of security to medication and my treatment team but, most of all, i owe it to a wonderful organization and its fantastic founder. The Psychiatric Service Dog Society (PSDS) has, in the form of my Psychiatric Service Dog Grace, literally opened doors that i once thought closed forever. The PSDS has given me many things including love, support, knowledge and, most significantly, HOPE. i cannot begin to thank its founder, advocate and fairy godmother, Dr. Joan Esnayra for all of her tireless work on the behalf of those of us who are, too often,
i will never again be "well" but i am infinitely BETTER mentally,
as an artist and as a person for having known Joan, The Psychiatric Service Dog Society and its members, both human and canine. It is to them that i dedicate this site and the work i do.
if you, or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, you or they may benefit from exploring the world of Psychiatric Service Dog teams. it is not a cure, nor is it always easy but, along with proper treatment and/or medications, having a PSD can make an enormously debilitating condition bearable. visit the PSDS site via the link below or tell the person you seek to help about it. it has saved countless minds, souls and lives.
also, as a grassroots organization we raise our own funds through various means, including the gift shop on the site. should you be so inclined, a donation would be greatly appreciated and there is information available on how to make one. however, neither help nor information nor membership is contingent upon your making any donation at all. give or don't but, please visit the site and learn of the wonders of our "Guide Dogs For The Mind".

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