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Katastrophic Curiosity
Didn't ever kill anything.
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Katrina Becker
Bellevue , Washington - United States
- Other/Misc.

I'm a traveler. My family and I bop around from place to place, thusly nomadic tendencies have somehow worked their way into my bloodstream. I love discovering and adapting (or trying to..) to new cultures, cuisines, and of course - art! It's a fascinating way to take in the culture, and you'd be surprised how much it even varies from state to state - much less countries! It's a fascinating way of also documenting all the places and faces I've come across in my time; beautiful things I want to share with the world! I'm also a lover, a learner, and an avid activist for whatever I see fit that day. Last week it was posting smiley-face post-its on cars stuck in traffic with me, yesterday it was handing out cookies to homeless people, and today it was making sure all the dogs at the dog park had water. What will it be tomorrow? Stay tuned!
phone: (425) 749-8191
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