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creating my artistic spirit
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Johnnie belinda Ramey
martinsville , Indiana - United States
Acrylics - Abstract

Who am I?
Johnnie belinda born to create starting with my mothers walls to my clothes as a child. As an adult I still paint on my clothes and walls,but now its on canvas and hardboards.I am self inspired to create images that come forth at any time .I will draw on anything that is available when inspired from my clothes to scraps of paper.
My main interests are encaustic,and lifecasting at this time.I have exhibited my artworks locally. I Am ready to expose my works to a larger veiwing public to touch peoples lifes with art.
I have worked with cancer patients in creative healing workshops. I open my home to anyone who is interested in finding their creative spirit.
Art is my life to be with out it my spirit would crumble within it's self.

Artist Blogs

I am consumed by a burning desire to paint with fire, lite my works and watch them curl, see the radiance of flames dancing on pyre . The heat urges me on grabbing yet onother piece of paper placing a burning iron upon pigment searing the surface, sizzling sounds grind the pigments into it's surface marking it as a new found memory. Heated iron burns the hand that holds it, molten pigment runs down the fingers piercing them with pain, the stench of flesh can be detected, flaking pigment and flesh pull away as one.

Paper after paper is grabbed in a mad frenzy to contitune as fire is raging, no longer do the fingers fee the pain, nor does the olfactory sense the burnt flesh, the eyes catch glimmers of pigment as the cool the inner being that is called soul is captured in rapture by what fire has brought forth into creation by it's raging force upon this human source of power.

This creator is driven by desire (fire) to heat up it's inner source of natural creativity, which there is no escape until it places paper beneath it's digits to burn and grind pigment, the optical sense of arousel occurs as an abstract scene appears.

A woman consumed by passion not of her own but one that encompasses her inner being not controlling but guiding her into a world of reality where color and form project a reality more real than what her 6 senses can describe.


2009-08-30 14:53:34
interesting work, i would like to see more pieces
J.S. Valencia
2009-07-13 19:24:01
I love painting on clothes as well and walls. My studio is painted like a castle.Your flowers are beautiful. J.S.Valencia
time essary
2009-07-05 13:02:09
love the medicine man, ive added more pic,s on my page think u might like
Muqeet Danawala
2009-06-07 03:13:17
Good Work..

Muqeet Danawala...
Brian Flores
2009-04-02 16:08:50
Medicine Man is great!
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