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Jesus E. Rocha
Painter - Surrealism and Iconography
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David Grazman
Chicago , Illinois - United States
Acrylics - Portraits & Figures

Ancient Mexican Murals and Religious Icons represent the ancestries of my culture and beliefs. Unified into a complex and inspiring image, my work reveals itself with mystery and religion as a window into the spiritual past. My Surreal Paintings are the expression of various stages and moods in my mind. It portrays what I have felt at different times and moments of my life: happiness, fear, fun, companionship, loneliness, grief, love, freedom, obstacles, independence, bondage, passion, confinement, and compassion. My art brings to life, and gives color and form, to the feelings that, at times, I cannot even express with words. It describes a story I want my viewers to see: Itís neither fact nor fiction! Itís my storyómotionless and framed. Each piece focuses on a range of emotions. Each painting conveys a unique story. I utilize various meaningful and symbolic elements to communicate that story. I aim for people to open their senses in order to experience the message. Feel that...
phone: 773-490-7600
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