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Jana's Art (janazart)
Original acrylics on Canvas-
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Jana Furzer
Menifee , California - United States
Acrylics - Nature

I am a Southern Californian with 36 years of the Decorative Art Industry behind me as well as degrees in Fine Art.
Getting back to my own work after years of murals, borders and faux for restaurants, hotels and model homes is a whole new world. So, much happier,I now sell on Ebay and through commissions. I'm off the ladders,in the studio and that's wonderful.
If you are interested in my work and think it might suit you, please feel free to contact me-
Be Well, Jana

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Almost to the end of Summer-
With 3 local Michael's stores adding me as a workshop instructor and my fall youth classes starting in a week- I'm finding little time to paint beyond the ever selling Halloween art (airbrushed) I auction on Ebay. (Why do people go so crazy for Halloween? I guess its fun to decorate!)
May had me talking my husband into buying a '68 vintage British camper van- torn down to the metal in the front yard, we are slowly rebuilding it andI am learning the names for rat rod parts (can't find originals as the company went defunct) and lights and upholstery. If all goes well, my artwork will decorate both inside and the "woody" outside-no wonder I've been painting at odd hours and odd times! Everything is a learning experience though and my sculptures I am working on are in fiberglass like the body parts of the camper I am rebuilding!

New Year! Conquering galleries...
As we fall off the couch and through the worry of economics and peoples abilities to want and buy art, I start 2010. My paintings are still selling. I have been teaching students out of my studio for a year now (experience in itself!) and I am gathering steam to find representation. I have shown in gallery shows for years, set them up, tore them down but never pushed to be a regular. I don't think it was a fear but rather a readiness and lack of product to show. I know where I am painting now, where I am flying- so its the next step off the cliff and into the wild blue yonder. I hope I don't get lost-maybe I'll bring my Google maps!

With the new year becoming the spring and taxes creeping by, I find myself thinking of a drive up the coast in California and the images of rock and water. trees and cliffs. School in Laguna and its shores and trees. I think its the colors I remember most and the feel of the wind as we hiked down the cliffs to hit the sand.

Mermaids on my mind
I've been painting mermaidens lately. My facination with the sea and tropical fish and coral comes in with a liking of decorating the maidens with shells, rhinestones,costume jewelry and chains. Each seems a totally different personality and I find its hard to sell them as they are all so individual. People on the East Coast seem to be drawn to them and divers. I love that they are liked and that I recieve such great follow-up emails by my patrons who purchase them. It is something that feeds me and the fact that each is an original "Jana" is so fun. Not a copy of something like I painted in so many murals as a decorative painter. I don't know if my past clients ever realized how hard it was for an artist to produce quality work 40 hours a week. I know that each January, I was glad the kids were on vacation, I would take it too and get a breather. That way I could dive into the work again each year, fresh.

Sleeping with art
I always wonder if other artists are painting and creating as they lay down to sleep at night. Do they build their dream home or the next sculpture like me? Are the paintings much more perfect than the ones they actually create? Mine are! The complexity of the art takes so long I can relax my body to sleep. My sweet hubby thinks I'm insane, I'm sure, and yet is still good enough to listen to me spout ideas as he is trying to nod off. He says they should put me in an empty room and just pay me to come up with things. I think I've solved world hunger and corrected the highway systems of California more times than I can count. I've sculpted massive outdoor designs and painted detailed canvases full of animals and mermaids and sunkens treasures. I think the child in me, the dreamer-is the best artist of all....

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Tiger Lily - Acrylic on canvas - 18x24 - $Sold

Urszula Lelen
2010-01-10 18:01:28
Hi Jana, Thank You for your nice comment....I love your "Leaf Leopard" and courageous colors...

2010-01-05 12:56:39
Thank you for your visit to my site. Your animal eyes are very contemplative. I must add eyes to my prisms.
Craig Cantrell
2010-01-02 16:16:22
I think Mountain Gorilla is awesome , love your use of colors.

2010-01-01 07:12:08
Beautiful work, love your birds and your use of color.
Crystal Lauren
2009-02-13 17:50:31
I love the Male Lion your work has lots of detail...great work.
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