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Howard Lancaster
Covina , California - United States
- Abstract

phone: 626 209-5405
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Howard is an Interior Designer living in the Southern California & and the Northern Baja California, Mexico area. He feels that he suffers from OCP (Obsessive Compulsive Passion). He is a Reality Junkie - It seems that the only way he has been able to cope is with expressing himself through art. He has a sort of mellow, abrasive, jaded & slightly cynical personality - He enjoys people watching in general - Being totally by-cultural its as if he has always been looking through a window and observing fleetingly the social constructs of humanity in all of its manifestations. Of course he is not above all this as he delves into the drama of life with intense passions. He considers himself a pop artist - coming from the era of instant gratification ( I want it now - right now) He feels that what he perceives he has to capture immediately or he will lose the intangible essence of the subject. That is not to say that at times he struggles for weeks or months at times to sift the meanings of his perceptions before he can lay brush to canvas. Conversations between his conscious and subconscious have become comfortable with time and have made him be grounded in reality. He only hopes he can impart these concepts through his art. He believes life is very simple yet we tend to complicate everything.

Graffitee Imploratum - MM of Sketch - Varied printed to order - $$12.00 sq ft

Brieanna Giordano
2011-09-22 13:50:53
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