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Harri Neal Photography
Beauty in a flash
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Harriet Neal
Matlock - United Kingdom
Photography - Nature

Photography: enjoyable, fulfilling, inspirational, eye-opening.
I don't just take photos of anything and everything,
I like my photographs to have depth, perspective and meaning.
I think a lot about how to capture the perfect photo and make the most of my subject
I use my photos as inspiration, for myself, and for others.
Artist Blogs

changing of seasons
Seasons change, the colour of trees change, nature grows from darkness into light and so does my inspiration.
Spring has given me so many new and fresh ideas and my excitement for photography is finally being restored.
Summer is going to offer me so many opportunities to capture some wonderful shots, Cornwall, Festivals, sunny days... I can't wait!
Additionally, I'm going to really work hard on keeping this site up to date and start interacting more with other users.
I really welcome comments and this past year has seen such a lack in anything that could have motivated me to carry on and progress further with a hobby that I am so passionate about.
thank you seasons for being my biggest inspiration.
1st blog = completed.


Kimberly Larson
2007-10-07 20:19:55
XD Its so cute and happy and joyful and... I want to hug my self!
ui uj
2007-09-13 21:49:46
Keep going in the direction you are going for it is a great one. You have the eye of a pioneer seeing things beautifully but differently showing us a little something new and refreshing.
Michael Carlos
2007-08-26 13:25:06
Hi Harriet, I love your work! You're very talented for someone so young (come to think of it, you're very talented for anyone any age). I'm sure you'll be fulfilling your dreams in short time :)

P.S. I couldn't get into your website :(
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