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an artist of all sorts...
Emily Harper a.k.a efharper
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Emily Harper
Nashville , Tennessee - United States
Fiber Art - Other/Misc.

Over the years, I have been fortunated to exhibit my artwork, both batiks as well as oil paintings, throughout Nashville TN. During this time..and thrown into the mix... I have also designed CDs, t-shirts, and posters for professional musicians, and worked in the costume department of Animax Designs ( design company which creates puppets and other creatures for clients such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Nickelodeon).

Currently, I am working as the Creative Director for the clothing line, magpie apparel ( We are hopeful that one day my batiks will be incorporated into wearable art. In the meantime, Rhiannon Guillet, head designer of magpie apparel, and I recently took on a new endeavor and opened magpie etc. a gallery of sorts ( magpie etc. was conceived as a warm and welcoming gallery space for fellow artists, musicians and performers to share their talents. The gallery will present art openings for...
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NASHVILLE, TENN—magpie etc. will turn its gallery space over to the imagination of artist Mark Sloniker with Winter is Soluble, Saturday,
Dec. 13, with a public opening reception from 6–9 p.m. Using bright colors and organic shapes, the skilled character artist will focus on the coming of spring through mixed media of sculpture and interior decor.

Mark Sloniker, who currently works for Animax Design, a local design company that creates puppets and other creatures for an extensive list of clients, grew up in rural Wisconsin. He spent a majority of his childhood exploring the nearby woods. Learning the names of trees, observing colonies of ants, and running from the occasional hawk both inspired and terrified him. As an adult, Sloniker continues to unearth the terror and wonder of growing up while applying his discoveries to the details of his creations.

During his youth, Sloniker paid close attention to the winter season with a sense of anticipation and wonder. He viewed winter months as magical, but welcomed the arrival of spring each year. Brightly colored organic shapes set against stark white snowy scenes in Winter is Soluble represent his sense of hope.

“Mark’s work gives life to floating dreams,” says Emily Harper, curator of the exhibition. “There is a nostalgia to his work. From stuffed animals to the meticulous creation of miniature scenes that might feature gentle woodland creatures, but also perhaps a monster lurking nearby. The environments he creates tap into the wonderment and fears within all of us.”

Staying true to the nature of the Magpie, magpie etc., a gallery of sorts will also have a collection of works on display by local artists and designers.

For more information about Mark Sloniker visit

magpie etc., a gallery of sorts was conceived as a warm and welcoming gallery space for fellow artists, musicians and performers to share their talents.

magpie etc., a gallery of sorts
2227 10th Avenue South

magpie etc., a gallery of sorts
Sunday, June 29, 2008
4-9 p.m.

New Gallery in 12 South Neighborhood Features Artwork, Custom Apparel, Performance and More

NASHVILLE, TENN.-(June 12, 2008)-magpie etc., a gallery of sorts celebrates its grand opening with a public reception Sunday, June 29, 4-9 p.m. The reception will feature music by k.s. Rhoads and The Smoking Flowers; artwork by The Lost Boys of Sudan, Miranda Crump, Brandon Gnetz, e.f. harper, Andee Rudloff and the Twisted Sisters; and custom clothing and accessories by magpie apparel. Located in the 12 South neighborhood, at 2227 10th Avenue South, magpie etc. is a creative addition to this thriving artistic community.

Created by 12 South residents, designer Rhiannon Guillet and artist Emily Harper, magpie etc. was conceived as a warm and welcoming gallery space for fellow artists, musicians and performers to share their talents. The gallery will present art openings for local and regional artists, trunk shows, live music performances and workshops. Open to the public each Saturday, and other days by appointment, visitors can find a variety of unique, handcrafted items.

“Rhiannon and I have always shared a similar vision which is what makes us such a great team,” says Emily Harper. “Part of that vision has been to have the opportunity to offer an outlet for all the many talents who inspire our own lives.”

Guillet and Harper have collaborated for more than five years on various projects, including their custom clothing and accessories line, magpie apparel. Plucking vintage clothing from flea markets and thrift stores, Guillet designs one-of-kind garments, while Harper creates jewelry from carefully selected remnants such as buttons, coins and guitar strings. The new gallery is a natural extension of these efforts.

magpie etc.’s quaint 10th Avenue South location-a one-time neighborhood market with a bubblegum pink-painted brick façade-evokes the charm of the gallery housed within.

“Emily and I have had the joy of watching 12 South grow into a cozy, creative community over the last three years that we have lived in the neighborhood,” says Guillet. “We are excited about contributing to the already thriving creative energy.”

In October 2008, magpie etc. will feature bronze sculptures by Donnie Firkins.

creative process
(blogging experience would have your read from bottom up...from this entry down, it is posted to read as a story...enjoy!)

“Creativity, it has been said, consists largely of re-arranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know.” George Kneller

i have been doodling as far back as i can remember

the way that the story was told to me goes something like this:

when i was 2 my mother and i were in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. to pass the time, i was drawing. when the doctor arrived and saw my scribbles he was impressed at my attention to detail-fingers, toes, and other tid-bits that kids generally bi-pass. this delighted my mother and today i find myself here…rambling on about the creative process.

by creative process i do not mean a concept & technique but the unbelievably colorful journey such expression allows. it has been a colorful dream that i would liken to a scene from what dreams may come and it grows richer with every brush stroke. in this world, this “real” world, there are incredible people to meet and places to experience just outside each door.

waking dream
midway through my college education i realized that i was going through the motions of a life that had been planned out by those damn “they” people. actually, truth be told, my uncle realized it for me. i had decided to take time off from school and he decided i should live with him in belgium. he was stationed at nato and invited me to be an au pair for my 2 year old cousin in exchange for board.

living in belgium for a semester was the first of many eye-opening experiences for me. up to that point i had taken a few art classes and painted a few pretty pictures. suddenly i was living in an art-enriched country and was completely ignorant of everything around me. i was a far cry from being the artist i thought that i was. this was very humbling. it lit a blaze inside of me and when i returned to school i absorbed as much information as i could (or that is possible when you are dealing with the names and dates of art history courses).

the summer prior to graduating i was given a second chance at europe. this time i returned with a group of students. armed with knowledge and, more importantly, appreciation we took italy by storm.

i can’t imagine why anyone would ever refer to their high school years as “glory days”. for me they were awkward and insecure, clumsy and pathetic. not that i do not continue to have those feeling, i just have fewer of them.

following graduation, i asked my parents to back off a bit so that i might figure out a way to make a career of art. like most artists, i did so by waiting tables. of coarse, in nashville, where i resided, most artists are musicians.

i started working at the tin angel restaurant where i met annette (in the batik above) instantly. we quickly became kindred friends. the lead of the electronic-pop group, venus hum, she fascinated me with her golden heart and pixie do.

just as quickly as i had met the techno-trio i found myself in london as a tag-along while they mastered their album at david gilmour’s astoria studio. i couldn’t believe it! this wide-eyed little girl from small-town tennessee was sitting in a pink floyd studio that was sure to cause her brother to freak out with envy, receiving her own tour of the abby road studio her father talked about for years upon years, all with a band which she adored.

i was not rich. i did not come from an all important family. it was not until i decide to break way from all the normal expectations that had been laid out before me that a life i could only have imagined began to unfold itself.taking a giant trust fall…my dreams became my reality.

blue period
the blue period of picasso is a series of somber works he painted in mainly shades of blue and green. this period was triggered by the sudden suicide of his friend carlos casagemas in 1901.

my own blue period was not brought on by anything nearly as tragic, however for me it was a very somber and rather blue time in my life. from the electric blue car i was driving to…well, you’ll see…

london was the first of many adventures i would share with venus hum. it wasn’t long before i became somewhat of a personal assistant for annette. this role created itself for me when the 3 were touring with the blue man group. mid-way through the 2nd leg of the tour, i received a phone call from annette asking that i join her on the tour. up to that point she had been following the blue man’s army of busses in a beat-up old van along with her husband, manager, kip, and tony. there were, maybe, 4 other girls in tow. estrogen was needed.

always up for a break from nashville, i joined the circus sometime around late august. kip’s first words when i arrived were something, like, “i’m gonna warn you. there are a lot of boys out here who haven’t seen many women in quite awhile. careful…if you slip you might fall on a dick.” extremely crass but very kip and true. i did slip but i did not fall directly on…well…let’s just say, i met a sweet blue boy and became sweet friends.

it was at a party in virginia beach. i was escaping the crowd of dudes by way of the balcony when i ran into boomer. he was caught up in his thoughts and i was tired of being man-handled. he had just been through a tough break-up and i was still swirling from a series of tumultuous relationships. we talked about the moon, shared cigarettes, and enjoyed nothing together. it was just what we both needed.

a week after i returned home boomer called from his parents place out in the middle of now-where illinois. the tour was on leave for awhile and most everyone had gone home to catch their breath. his family was hosting a small gathering of good folks on their land and, if i wanted, i was invited to join. it is worth mentioning that he called at 2 a.m. assuring that, if i wanted, a ticket would be waiting that afternoon at 12 p.m. again, another chance for a break, again, i went.

for 3 days we ate mushrooms, explored the property, and laughed around bonfires. there was only 1 other girl there, maribeth, and i was thankful to have her. sitting around the fire’s light, i reach over to her to tell her of my gratidute. we have been the best of friends ever since.

in order to spice this story up a bit, i would like to say that boomer and i developed a passionately romantic relationship that ended the way great fairy tales do, but that was not in the stars for us. what was to be was a moment of peace for both of us. amidst the madness we were able to enjoy each others company and be still.

i would join the 3rd leg of the tour briefly before returning home to reality. like any good trip, coming down was a shock to my system maily because “reality” meant dealing with issues i had been avoiding.

you see, mixed in with the incredible people i my life, i had openly let too many unhealthy relationships in as well. thinking it was loving to accept all without caution, i forgot to develop boundaries. by doing so, i was beginning to poison my spirit. cliches are annoying mostly because they are true. for example…if you lie with dogs, you will get fleas and you cannot possibly begin to truly love others until you can love yourself. it was time for me to slow down and redirect my life. i was terrified.

this fear lead me to cling to a strong man, mpm, who offered me everything but the moon. it was quick and seemed easy enough which is largely what made the match completely wrong. looking back, we both new it and there is a whisper of it in the first words he wrote to me:


softly seekthe secret Tryst
the breeze beneath
and your whirlwind Wings

slowly abide
let your Being’d breath
blow clouds
beside your ribboned Door

exhale exhaltingly
gasp the Change
and step inside to
find the Song you sing(It sings its Song for You)

and Burn
blaze brilliantly
as I am kindled by the splendor of your Spark

there is Beauty inside


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tiny dancer - batik - 4' x 4' - $sold

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