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donna reyes
san antonio , Texas - United States
Mixed Media & Collage - Other/Misc.

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The universal language pain
We have all felt it. There is no medical scan for it or test that you can run. Pain is something that comes from the soul like love and fear. True emotions depicted by color or lack there of the only thing in this life that is certain is pain you never know if you’re going to fall in love or that you will ever have fear but pain in life is just as common as death. To say that you have never been in pain is to say that you don’t need oxygen to breath. The world is full of pain everywhere you look just like it is full of love. Nevertheless, we as humans seem to crave it. Everyone speaks the language of pain and most never have to say a word. It more than body language its more than “vibes” it is the language of all. Pain will never go away and the only thing we can do about it is to learn to coexist with the love we want to share and the pain that we feel. Pain depicted is more than just a broken heart but that is the best way we have come to put it. The ache that you feel deep in your chest like there is a void of nothingness inside yourself and tears just won’t do enough to let it out you feel like you want to explode can even describe it .Simply because there are no words for it, it just is.


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