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Alexandr Kandinsky-DAE
Ocher - Russian Federation
Oil Painting - Abstract

Художник, поэт, автор, критик

A curriculum vitae.

Kandinsky-DAE Alexander Ochyor
Was born in Russia, in the city of Ochyor, 1957, on August, 26th. The orphan.

1969-1973 - ДХШ, teacher S.A.Borkovsky.
1973-1977 - Nizhni Tagil, is art-graphic branch of Teacher training college, the teacher V.N.Prjanishnikov.
1972-1975 - the summer period, training in Moscow at E.A.Kibrika.
1978-1980 - service in armed forces of Russia, air defence.
1981-1987 - the higher it is thin. School of Muhinoj, Dyomin's workshop.
1982-1985 - the summer period, training at doctor E.E.Bredera, Lyons, France,
1987-1992 - studied and worked abroad.
1990 - Sorbonna. Candidate degree protection. A theme: the French twilight, Effect ДАЕ.

phone: +79144863519
Artist Blogs

Effect ДАЕ:
If to stabilise the form, better to say, to clean ruptures in drawing plastic we will lose almost half of emotional pressure in drawing and as consequence, almost all dynamics.
How we deal with a question of stability and absence that?
In that all and cunning: absence of stability gives to the person additional mobility and vivacity, at visual perception and contemplation of an image.
Means, if the figure is shattered into the pieces which have been not connected with each other, is and there is a dynamism? Clearly. But can be, then will tell, what for to the volume person you add lumpy, flat structure? And why you have not spread out drawing on a tonality?
, Effect ДАЕ also consists in it. This brought attention to the question, is solved in candidate - "Effect ДАЕ"

Melancholy Green - Oil and canvas - 40-30 - $1000000$

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