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Linda's Lake Loon Gallery
Inside the mind of a Loon
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Linda Seagroves
Abbeville , South Carolina - United States
Sculpture - Other/Misc.

My name is Linda Seagroves and I am a clay artist/sometimes potter . Believe me when I say i am better at handbuilding than throwing on the wheel. Many a pot has went flying off my wheel and out into the yard or against a wall. Sometimes they just take flight. But I still love to give it a try every now and again.
My Lake Loon Studio is located here in the backwoods of Lake Russell . Talk about quite and seclusion . I take my inspiration from the quite seclusion and the nature all around me and lots of times my cats find there way into my whimsical art. Cats are just funny and so it is easy to find the humor and art in them.
My bestfriend and constant companion is my Great Pryenese, Lily. There is nothing she enjoys more than walking down by the lakeshore with me, where I find all sorts of things to work into my art. And occassionally in the winter a Lake Loon can be seen (other than me) and heard.
I spend my days and lots of nights ( I have insomnia) in my studio working...
Artist Blogs

Life Changes
May 6th my wonderful and dearly beloved husband of 19 years passed away. Quite unexpected. He was my my soulmate and my bestfriend. Picking up the pieces of this shattering experience will not be easy. The passion of my life is gone. I have been very numb since this has happened , making it hard of course to create . Artist need the passion of love and life to create. Slowly day by day I regain a little of my feelings and my memory and concentration. I know it will be a long process. I am Blessed with lots of people who love me otherwise It might be impossible to get thru this. I also have my animal friends Lily my dog and my 3 kitties. I have a show in August so finding my creativity again is most important. Yesterday I was able for the first time to concentrate on my art. Maybe thru it my heart will heal. It has been broken in two.

Blue Skies and Blue Art
Yeah blue sky today. A great day for taking my clay art outside and working under the sun. I love to work outside on nice days like today. The sun is happily shinning down and calling my name to come out and play. I have a kiln full of blue art glazed and ready to fire. Tomorrow I will know the results of todays firing. I love to glaze fire. You never know what you got or what it will look like until the kiln cools down and you open it. It is like Christmas everytime I open a kiln full of glazed pieces. : ) I also have some purples and some greens in with this glaze fire. Today while I work under the sun on my art I will create 2 pieces that will be gifts . I hope folks enjoy recieving my art as much as I enjoy creating it for them...

Rainy Day for making ART
I love rainy days and seems I have myself a nice one. And a cold one too. The last of my winter days . Winter is my favorite time of the year. I love the naked trees against the sky. I have several ideas as to what I will make today. Perhps something for the rapidly approaching Spring to put in my garden...I have added my tile mural although it is unfinished. I still need to mount each tile onto its own black board. The picture i took does not do it justice. It is a 3-d picture of shades of black and white with one red item in each picture. Like a comic book sorta. And as you can see by the picture it is a rainy winter day in my tile mural. :) ... I hope everyone has a wonderful rainy winter day or sunny if the sun is out where you live.

Friday 13th
Today is Friday 13th. Good or Bad I have decided to stay home and create art instead of going out into the world today. You cant go wrong creating art ! I will however hold off on firing today just in case.
I awoke this morning at 4am and went running out to my kiln building to see what tresures it held from the previous days firing. A kiln full of red. Very nice. The next time I do reds though I will know not to take them up as high. Just a little cooler and I think I would have gotten the reds I seeked. But I still am happy with the kiln full of reds anyway.
Lets hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous Friday the 13th !!!

Bessie Mae - clay - $commissioned piece sold

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