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Eddie Louise
Healing for the mind, body, soul and spirit
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Eddie Louise
Jonesboro , Georgia - United States
Acrylics - Abstract

Attending Watkins Institute: College of Art and Design studying the Emotional Aspects of Color, the Art Professor assigns each student a color and an emotion to express using acrylic paint. I am assigned the color red and expressing angry using tint, shades and tones of the red.

As I begin to paint stifled emotions surged forth from my inner being releasing their toxins from the confines of my soul. Resentments, hatred, hositility, anger and rage painted my inner world to my outer world. Feelings I needed to vocalize for decades surfaced!

This exhibit expresses the ugly and uncomfortable emotions that are nonverbal and difficult to express. I am exploring subject matters using imperfect lines: wavy, straight, wide and narrow lines which represent the voices from the past. No matter what you do or how good you do it, it's never enough for some people. If you do it perfectly they are sure to find fault, somewhere. I needed to let myself know, own, feel, express and release other...
phone: 770.472.9398
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Make Him Do Right - Acrylic - 16x20 - $call

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