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Cirtyscapes and Streetscenes
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Randy "RD" Riccoboni
San Diego , California - United States
Acrylics - Landscapes

I am a California artist and paint in many styles. Mostly I love to paint in the Impressionist and Realism styles, however once in a while I will create a body of abstracts to get the creativity going and loosen up. I have been painting as an artist since I was a child. I cant even remember the first time I painted a picture but do know it was before I could write. I'm quite sure my first solo exhibition was on my parent's refridgerator and there was that mural in the hallway, and that didnt go over very well. But I stuck to it and am still at it.

I have made a commitment to the business of joy and creation in my work. If you see somthing you like or relate to let me know. I love hearing from other artists and collectors. You can see more of my work on my website link. Best wishes to everyone and keep making art!
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Look forward to hearing from other artists out there.
This site looks fun! happy and prosperous New Year to all my fellow artisans!

Take a look at my work and let me know what you think.

I love architecture and streetscenes with people in them lately. One day when I was frustrated and not knowing what to paint I just went out with my camera and shot off a bunch of photos came home and started painting from them. I find it a great way to keep the creativity flowing.


Morning Coffee - Acrylic on Canvas - 16 x 21 - $18,000.00

2011-05-18 18:49:11
Really like your style!!!
Julie Kurtz
2007-04-12 10:51:39
Great work! I especially like Morning Coffee. I'm instantly transported to that chilly morning.
Angela Daniels
2007-02-13 13:39:06
Hey Randy you would love Amsterdam the buildings are breathtaking. I went on vacation there last year. What other places have you painted?
Robert Doucette
2007-02-11 15:24:48
Your use of colors is astonishing! Bikes in a Row is so realistic and vibrant...they leap off the canvas!
Angela Daniels
2007-02-10 06:35:14
Morning Coffee reminds me of the Castro in San Francisco. Relaxed and cool. Great feeling and tone. AD
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