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Art by Beverly
Art and graphics by Beverly
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Beverly Tunstall
Orlando , Florida - -------------------
Acrylics - Abstract

I truly enjoyed this summer as it was the first time that I painted full time. It has been an emotional roll-coaster as painting is more than just putting colors on a canvas. I have grown as an artist and will continue to reach new plateaus and unseen vantage points in my talent. I have a degree in Commercial Art and Graphic Design Techonolgy and look forward to traveling around the world and use the diverse perspectives as I create art! If you have the time please read the blog as I have written the corresponding story that goes with some of the paintings. I will posting work frequently. Thank you for visiting my website.

phone: 4079254496
Artist Blogs

Shapes and Colors
Because some of my work requires critical thinking and intense passion, I did this painting just for fun. I put on a CD and poured a glass of red wine and started slapping the canvas with color. I even turned the canvas upside down to paint. At one point, when I stopped to observe the canvas (as I was staring at it), it seemed to take on a life of its own. The shapes started to look like little houses. So that is how I finished it. I titled it "Shapes and Colors". In the beginning that is what I wanted the painting to depict. I may change the title as it ended up looking like an imaginary town someplace near Martha's Vineyard. Maybe it's my subconscience telling me that a place like this is where I need to take my next holiday. I think I can see a faint lighthouse somewhere in the distance.

Smooth and Sharp
I love this piece! The colors are vivid, brilliant and will bring a designer's signature to any room. Creating this was a learning experience in itself. I wasn't at liberty to create something solely of my choice since I was commissioned to do this piece for a client. Because I didnt know the client personally, I had no idea of what style of art they liked. I suggested the client go on line and email some preferences of their art styles. They sent me three choices (different artists)letting me know which graphic was the favorite along with a picture of the room the painting will hang in. The first sample was sensual curved lines with shadows, the second was non-descript shapes with bursts of color and the third was geometric shapes of trangles and circles.
What made this so difficult, is that I didn't want to copy what was sent to me. Trying to do various renditions the artists' work didnt work either. I must have done a hundred thumbnails. Finally after a week of preparation and pulling my hair out, I threw away the pencil and started painting. I changed it several times--the colors, the shapes, the flow.
As it turned out, I incorporated all three graphics into one which truly made it a work of my own. I wanted to also give it a handsome appeal since the cient is a male.
Look at the painting. Can you see the parts moving--like a task force in motion.

Abstract painting is a more exciting endeavor than realism for me. It can be very emotional as you sometimes must retrieve feelings from the depths of your soul, expose them and arrange them in a way that tells the story on a canvas. It is very frustrating when roadblocks appear but you have to keep at it and work through it.

I want to achieve a plateau of feelings and emotions that goes beyond the sensory of the eyes and grabs the heart. I wanted this painting to be simple and clean. In this case, less is more.The word "Shades" in this case is ambiguous. (1) the shades (sunglasses) depict not seeing the color of the skin (2)all elements of the painting are shades of light and dark. It seems that people are judged based on shades of color in reference to light and dark--color of skin, hair, eyes etc. As in the painting shades of colors are necessary in regards to all things working together and it creates something extraordinary beautiful. Quiz: Beyond the "shades" how many people do you see in the painting.

This is a painting of my grand daughter, Mikaela. I saw this picture that someone took of her where a butterfly landed on her hand. It was a great subject for a painting.

Smooth and Sharp - Acrylic on Canvas - Large 20X60 - $Sold!

sushil sakhuja
2012-09-06 21:09:01
Great work.
sushil sakhuja
2012-09-06 21:08:27
Heart work
Craig Cantrell
2010-12-02 20:54:04
Awesome abstract work great colors
Dan Daugherty
2010-08-08 20:16:14
Wow! I actually see three people. You just taught me something. I needed to look beyond the obvious, and see what else is there, perhaps hiding. You make a great point too. I hope to see more of your work soon, I do like your other paintings here, They may be easy for you, but I think others would disagree. I have painted some portraits as well, but my first passion is working with Steel.
Thanks for the lesson
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