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Anthony Anguiano
art ....2009
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Anthony Anguiano
BRATTLEBORO , Vermont - United States
Acrylics - Abstract

...Short story but so true, he is an artist now.
East coast vs. West coast . He Loves them all...
Been painting in rural Vermont, on the dirt back roads, Been painting in the Heart of the Castro, San Francisco. 440 bar and all.
HE LOVES TO PAINT! ...really...Have you seen his Hairy Bear collect yet?

Find him Outside...Collecting.
Ideas come from Men, of course. Also, Country Love, Hairy men, Cute Bear Friends, Online porn, Wildflowers, Papa Smurf and Wine.

this is the short story. ...let's date?

Artist Blogs

back to hi everyone
art for life

happy to say im still in vermont, painting away..busy bee here. will upload a bunch more paintings.hope you enjoy em',
anthony anguiano

new and old artwork
i added some new artwork up, old and new..hope you enjoy it

Still Here in Vermont,painting away!
still in vermont, got a job, and got some paints, housepaints!

been working on some more rock paintings, been going well, thanks to everyone thats been checking out my art.thanks!..always nice to hear from anyone..

Starting out
what is this ...but i try it out....


still painting...yup

hi all.


Anthony Anguiano
2011-02-15 09:35:09
lots more art coming soon
Anthony Anguiano
2011-02-15 09:32:14
hi thank you

2010-12-23 21:07:17
Hi there, Anthony Anguiano. I should say that all your paintings are really wonderful and comprises some or the other inner meaning to it. I deeply appreciate your skill and passion towards this field. I guess you could pursue your career in this field as you have some considerable amount of talent in this, in my opinion. Anyway, keep more of the paintings coming and do update us how you feel about the new job! headphones
Anthony Anguiano
2010-09-09 08:25:28
hi today.......
Jo Mulholland
2009-11-06 21:51:27
I like the capture of the moments - and movement.
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