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Proshka the artist is best selling author and painter from Belize, Angela Gegg
Art, poetry Life... Angela Gegg
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Angela Gegg
Belize - Belize
Acrylics - Abstract

I love anything ART- anything thing that enables creating and thought- My work varies from day to day. I have SEVEN collections, 1.)Tears, 2.)Red & Black, 3.)Evolution, 4.)Digitally Enhanced Photography, 5.)Body Dismorphia, 6.)Abstract Linear Layering,7.)Art on Art. My Art exhibits always throw the usual art critic off as it seems like a show complied of more than one artists - You can see my theories and details on each collection on my website


Angela is one of Belize’s most explosive & provocative artists. She was featured in “The Art of Caribbean Women”,calendar launched in Port of Spain, Trinidad & is the FIRST and ONLY female Belizean Artist to have ever been selected for this honor. She has been featured in ART BOOKS as one of Belize's leading female artists. Angela exhibits & releases publications every two years, these have been recognized by the Mexican Ambassador,Governor General, the Honorable Prime Minister of Belize....
phone: 0015016105855
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Just to let ppl know what im about, how i think and why i paint...
As an artist, I find it necessary to be inventive, self-expressive, searching, daring, even disturbing, and in doing so, I am hoping to enlighten others and open ways for a better understanding of my art. I am fascinated by the variety, complexity, beauty, and seduction of abstract art and have always been intrigued by surrealism. My work is based on abstract (not to be mistaken for non-objective art) and is a translation of a real life experience, a thought, a dream, and is a complete exaggeration of my perception of reality. It can create a new feeling, vision, or experience that exists outside of the rules of realism.

Blessings from Angela Gegg,
the artist known as Proshka

woman with vase - acrrylics - body dismorphia - $SOLD

cathy snowbeck
2010-01-09 09:24:24
Hey, Havent seen you on line. Are you on line? Are you working on new pieces? I have added a couple here that I have been working on. Stop by!!!! Take care......KAt
Kobie Griggs
2009-12-10 21:27:39
extraordinary work, I love the way you mix things into your art for the viewer to find. WOW! I enjoy your openess to create something different from the rest and not feel bound to repeat.
Angela Gegg
2008-01-15 20:01:19
Iv been getting emails form scammers and I'm sure I'm not alone here - ARTISTS BE WARE!!!
cathy snowbeck
2007-12-18 23:06:54
Thank you for your comments!! I tried to post a comment back but, its seems it didn't work. I love your art and your style it's from within. I can connect with you art too!! You too are daring to create reality in another way of showing reality. I know the feeling and also the reaction sometimes we face when we create out of the so called conforming way. Keep on moving... Kat
Giorgio Tuscani
2007-12-18 12:10:27
thank you for your kind may not be able to do portraits as you stated but you do have the same gift, the gift of expressing you soul through art, your beautiful art
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