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Alan Colley Sees Through a Lens
Photography to inspire
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Alan Colley
Portland , Oregon - United States
Photography - Nature

I love what a camera can reveal about a place, light, time. And the images that inspire me - surprise me - are ones that in the moment may have been just another click. I love to find patterns where none are that apparent, abstract images where the place speaks of sameness. We'll see if you agree with what I see.
phone: 503 407 9794
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Hope you're enjoying these images! Let me know what you think. This one of the St. Johns Bridge across the Willamette River in Portland, struck for the symmetry of the structure. Cutting it sideways only made it obvious and more fun. Ciao!

I thought!
That all the images that inspired me were from my treks out into the wilderness, but as I have revisited some of my work, I have discovered a rich connection to the patterns of contructions of mankind in the natural surrounds. I hope you enjoy them too.

I was surprised by the exquisite details of the Eastbank Esplanade. Look at the variety and simplicity of that structure sitting aside the Willamette River. How cool is that for an urban setting. Yum!

I start!
Okay, here are some of my favorite images. I took them all over the place during the past 3 years. More to follow.

Please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for visiting my gallery.

Detail of Float at Mardi Gras, New Orleans 2006 - Photography - 10"x10" - $55

Amy Keys
2011-12-08 18:00:02
I love your work... keep posting more of your photos!
Carlous Palmer
2010-04-21 05:41:12
I believe that your work is absolutly amazing ... clean crisp and fresh almost good enough to eat... keep it up man
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