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Oliver Melendez
San Jose , California - United States
Drawings - Other/Misc.

I am an artist at heart, and a bleeding therorist second and a animation lover.
phone: 408-440-9881
Artist Blogs

I used to draw just for fun, when i was growing up. I pick up a comic and draw characters. Lately my head is filled of nonsense, yet i still find the time to think of new things to explore and drawn upon. I once made my own comics line. There I explored the alien robot scene, the human/demon side comic characters. Then I picked up a humorous character yet serious in matter. An humanoid egg character.
Of all my insane characters from all the years i had drawn, there is this one essence that made my work to the next level.

I added more techniques in my art.
I read more on the perspective,
dynamic figure drawings,
put more edge to my robot figures,
and fuse perspective and line of sight in every art that i drew.

In other words, my art has gone to the next level of awareness.

Although I still borrow from Marvel and DC comics and comics in general from time to time, I make my work speak for myself.

I borrow from LOTR heavily on the landscapes, from Dungeons and Dragons franchise, the Organic action between Monster vs Human. From Sci Fi for the robots and space feel atmospheres.

Inspirations is the core soul of the artist, without this, there would be no art all. For those who draw for a living, needs no inspiration but money. Where everything is exploited, yet the true artist who knows when to tell the agent "No".

Inpiration makes the artist what he stands for in his/her work.

What made me an artist.
When I was still at the tender age of 11, one classmate of mine was drawing up a storm, and I said to myself I could draw like that. Years went on and I moved out of my home country of Philippines. I moved here in California and started my own calvary and struggle into owning my own style of artwork. Heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons and RPG gaming, i delved into the world of art of Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance and Joe Dever's Lone wolf books. Later I got induced by the Tolkien world, so much imagination at work. I started to flesh out the ideas out of my head and started drawing.
Technically, I started some art instruction in High School. Dropped out of Correspondent school of Art Instruction School of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am still drawing my butt off, to relieve of day to day rut, or to escape to the worlds of such great magnitudes of fantasy.

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