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The Dutch Artist at his best...
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Dennis Plaggenborg
Hoofddorp - Netherlands
Digital Art - Other/Misc.

I do mostly graphic art work however, I also do photography and use alot of Photoshop. I use Bryce and Poser as well, but am only using very limited software. I am in search of using more advanced graphic programs such as the current version of Maya or Studio 3D Max.

I am originally trained as far back as High School, which was a graphic arts specialty HS/college in Haarlem, Netherlands. I also took one year of basic art concepts in Amsterdam. I am now applying for the Art Institute in Pittsburgh for Graphic Art Design/Game Design. I have been in the process for the past two years on building my own video game. However, I am very interested in the graphic arts/animation/illustration field.

Including the above, I am also in the midst of co-writing a novel with my fiance' for the past 6 months.

phone: 01131626121277
Artist Blogs

The Sea of Creation - A Tribute
The Sea of Creation, which can be found in my graphic art gallery, was a tribute I did for my co-artistic friends on art bistro and these were some of their responses:

This is absolutely stellar!! What an awesome awesome idea. Water looks real good, are the spheres getting larger as they go back in space, if they stayed the same size i think it would give it more depth?

Cool! Reminds me of being in a dream state

VERY VERY "SOULISH" ! Check GARY BUSYs' (The ACTOR) "TAKE" on the Afterlife- From his "OUT OF BODY" Experience.

Different and very cool, I like the ripple effect... very "Artbistro"!

Nice to see some avatars put together in this way. Well executed - clever.

Looks Great, perfect idea !!!


Great job Dennis.

Thanks, Dennis - for giving me my 15 minutes of fame. You rock, brother.

Amazing and original. I simply love this piece

i feel like i'm cool

Applause, applause applause , I stand to your innovation. A tribute of tributes, I love my friends here.

Very cool. OOOOOO!!! Its like Bubblewrap. Remember how much fun that is? That or I could find a needle. I think the first one that I would pop would be that clown. Its always looking and laughing at me...

SOO Special! I agree, thank you for great future poster representing UNITY!

Very cool and honored to be present. Even if I weren't, it would still be great!

You do have such a way of pulling the artbistro community together. Thank you for this and the unity.

Wicked cool.

Great job Dennis. This is very well done.

awesome job!

This would make a great advertising poster for ArtBistro! 6 stars!

very creative idea ... good job
Dennis you should be our AB Team Leader.... You're always so creative in bringing all of us together in such a positive manner! I love it!

Comments made on my work by other artists...
These are wonderful comments I recieved from my co-artistic friends from I am honored that these true talented and professional artists made these precious comments on my art work.

Your work is beautiful! Your eye is extremely talented in catching a staggering composition!

CONGRATULATIONS Dennis for having "Sea of Creation" hitting the #1 spot of Top Rated Portfolio today August 1, 2008!!

Sorry about the double gift, but then again you deserve it. You are so talent and such a good friend here at artbistro. I wish you nothing but the BEST!

wow... your work is so interesting... it is both lonely and inviting at the same time....remarkable

I enjoyed your work! I have only had one class in was fun and would love to learn more. I am a "purist" in my photos...I don't touch them up. I'm old fashioned that way, i guess, but you have quite a talent. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Thank you for the tags. They mean a lot, coming from an artist who has a vivid imagination as yourself. I truly enjoy your work.

Your 3D pieces are out of this world.

Several very nice pieces and impressive talent!

interesting works!creative imagination!

Nice art/Cool Renderings!

you are a wonderful artist!

Private Sanctuary - $Contact Artist

Greg Piszko
2008-09-17 14:23:11
I am happy to be here my friend! Hope you had a most joyous time here in the States?
Rodolfo Samson J.r
2008-08-27 14:32:09
and im very sad you cant post comments and your art on artbistro anymore.dont worry i think this site is not very strict like artbistro.cheers
Rodolfo Samson J.r
2008-08-27 14:30:39
hey buddy thanks i think this site is cool.
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