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Michael McCausland
Bakersfield , California - United States
Photography - Abstract

I am a 45 year old Wild Child of the 70s, California artist. I had been primarily an acrylic impressionist until I suffered a fractured neck and broken face; that has caused permanent spinal cord damage. I have lost the fine motor skills control. I am attempting to re-invent my brush stroke that took 40 years to create. I recently found digital photography.
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Into the Abyss!
When I was a young punk growing up n the SF Bay Area in 60s and 70s there was this incredible artist. He made a stencil of an ant. He would go out at night and stencil ants all over the cities of the SF Bay Area.He even managed to get them on the bridges. How prophetic he was. It seems that we worship materialism and behave just like ants. Does anyone ever wish for a slower time. A time when Multi-international Corporations did not rule the world. The Jones did not keep up with the Jackson's, and American Products stood for quality. May be it was to much of a good thing in the 60s and 70s,but I would not change anything for those decades. I had a great time, a fantastic time. A time worthy of a book some day. Growing up in SF in the 60s and 70s was an absolute blast. Maybe that is the problem. I never grew up. Sha sha sha! Be good to your selves my fellow travelers. Keep on releasing your soul thorough art. I will see you all on the other side. Michael.

Skyscape - Digital Photo - 8.5 x 11.5 - $$150

Steven William Leak
2008-06-07 08:33:07
Thats what one gets for not reading the fine print.
I thought you had simply lost your brush stroke,something like writers block,but now I see how wrong I was.
Still I recall reading of a famous painter I want to say Monet but perhaps it was someone else in their older years they lost most of the detailed use of their hands and had to have their brushes attached to their wrists it took aonly a short time until they were producing finer work than they had ever thus my evolution theory of your situation somewhat still applies.
With all the ills of society it is a very pleasent thing that a stranger per se sends you a blesing.
and may Godbless you in a way you could only dream of.

post script:why yes I do feel rather ancient,and theres no getting around it especially when one is single.
Steven William Leak
2008-06-07 01:32:27
Perhaps it is not a loss of brush stroke but rather the evolution of it,as well as your extention of art/photography.
Steven William Leak
2008-06-05 23:15:22
the vibrant color of the skyscape is lovely.
Katherine Settle-Ruland
2008-06-01 16:22:39
I really like your photos, especially witches moon, the colors are great I also like the up close detail of Lady cacti.
Michael McCausland
2008-04-14 20:29:32
If you do not look you cannot see the post in your eye.
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