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Modern Allegories by Tarnowski
"An artistic exercise for the mind"
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Glen Tarnowski
SeaBreeze , Florida - United States
Oil Painting - Other/Misc.

Welcome to the Modern Allegorical World of G. Tarnowski.

"Painting that simply reproduces likeness of a subject matter isn't enough -- I create paintings that express my emotional response to the beauty of subject." --Glen Tarnowski; Artist's Magazine, October 1999

My work is Whimsical, Inspiration/Spiritual & Paradoxical in nature and ultimately expresses itself with affirmation, lightheartness, hope, faith, trust and purpose, thus the use of what I call Modern Poetic Allegories.

Tarnowski’s art is in notable private and corporate art collectors and in galleries across US and Europe. Tarnowski paintings are in the permanent collections such as: National Gallery of Victoria, The National Gallery of Australia, the Brooklyn Museum of Art., the Boca Museum of Fine Art:Florida and the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado. To see more works of art and/or buy his new book visit us today!
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Welcome, Sign and Show
Hello All:

I want to welcome vetrina galleria ( to my family of art galleries that represent Modern Allegory.

Also I want to announce my relationship with Chuck Jones Enterpises to do Modern Allegory with the Chuck Jones (Looney tunes Characters).

To announce a show with M.O.C.A Museum of Contemporary Art)Hot Springs Arkansas in April.

Finally, its a great privilege to be recognized by Wikipedia as the Father and Founder of this NEW GLOBAL ART MOVEMENT:Modern Allegorism!

Upcoming show
hello All:
Iam having another show with the great folks of Cutter and Cutter in St Augustine Fl. Nov 11-12th. If you are in the area and can make it would love to meet you and mention Artistsite and I will do a quick sketch for you!


busy times
I haven't written in months due to the busy schedule of shows in dallas, aspen, vail, santa fe, L.A. Laguna Beach, La Jolla, New York City and Denver. I hope to update images soon too with new works but you can go to

What I want to write is a response to many who say Iam a Surrealist artist. Iam not! Surrealism is based on a "dreamlike state" and translating those images to canvas. They are based in many cases on NON-real or fantasiful mix of life and dreams. Modern Poetic Allegoies is based soley on the consious, tangible state of mind. My art deals with real and practical activities in life.

Also surrealism focuses on light side but also dark and sexualy explicit images. Completely opposite to surrealism, My Modern Poetic Allegories work focuses SOLEY on the Prositive, uplifting and encouraging themes through whimisial, paradoxical and inspirational work. Come and visit and learn more about the work.

Recent Move
Oh yeah... I almost forgot. I recently moved just outside Houston Texas from Boca Raton Fl. to be in the middle to the Country in order to get to shows on the west and east coast in less time! Caio

Art Update
Sorry for not writing! Things have been very yvery busy. I recently wrapped up a highly successful show in Mahatten, New York @ Art Expro 2008 where we nearly sold out as well as debutted the NEW sculptures series with overwhelming response! And the promoting of my book "Modern Allegories" available through Masterpiece Publishing Inc. I've been busy with a number of Commissions which I am finally finishing up-whew! I will post new images as possible I can. But in the meantime you can go to to see new works- I will try to keep up with my ventures weekly! Oh June 23-30 in Lake Tahoe, @ Markus Gallery I am having a One-Man show and I hope to see you there-until later;)

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Mischievous - Oil Original - 25 x 33 - $Sold

Lisa M
2011-01-14 02:08:51
Hi there...
You have amazing pictures/paintings. My husband who is not arty thinks they are cool... He loves that sort of mystery and different sort of outlook in Pictures... thankyou for sharing your paintings with strangers...
Children's Art
2010-03-22 07:29:21
Your paintings are quite interesting (in a good way)...a fusion of Dali meets Magritte meets C.M. Coolidge.
2010-01-02 17:43:54
great imagination
Paul Holbrecht
2007-09-29 04:22:11
I just wish to say : "WOW" !!! Beautiful work, Glen ! Great fantasy !
Master-level !
Ricky Holtman
2007-05-14 22:51:03
Glen you have the master's touch when it comes to art. It's a pleasure to feast on your art. Keep painting. Thanks
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