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Article: The Top Fear Creatives Face
Originally posted on my art site blog @


Note: This is an article I read in Original Impulse, the newsletter and blog of Cynthia Morris. I'm working on a personal project and I am facing this exact fear with it -- this article has been shared at such an important time to me. Thank you, Cynthia!

I think I've identified the number one fear that creative people have - this haunting question: Can I do it? This question lurks at the edges of the creativity zone, paralyzing us and instilling fear in our project. Instead of passion and enthusiasm, we feel fear around our project. And like most fears that hamper our art making, it lives only in our heads. It's not real. It's just your mind making you think the thought is reality. How can you answer, or respond to the question: Can I do it?

You could say, I don't know if I can do it: I've never done this before. But then look at the trail of your life - it's filled with things you've never done before.

You could say, I don't know how. But then you can look for resources that show you how. Who says you have to know everything? Not knowing humbles you and causes you to ask for help. Know what you need, seek it, and ask for it.

You could say, I don't have the talent or skills to do this. But you develop your talent and skills from doing things that are beyond your perceived capacity. Talent and skills don't grow like a mushroom in a forest overnight, they are cultivated by regular attention and use.

Perhaps questioning your ability to do something is a good sign that you're on a creative edge. You're stretching past your known capabilities. This offers an excellent marker for creative growth.

Next time you question your ability to undertake a project, step away from the question and into action. When you have a paralyzing question, notice that it is stopping you, not helping you move forward. Try asking another question. Make sure it's one that will yield insight or action. I suggest you jettison the questioning mode (leaving behind living solely in your mind) and take the first step toward your project.

Copyright 2008 Cynthia Morris. Cynthia coaches creative people to confidence and completion and inspires life as a creative adventure. Visit to get an infusion of inspiration for your art, writing and life.

Your Studio In Evacuation/Emergency Mode
Originally posted on my art blog @ 21 November 2008


Do you back up your computer files regularly? Do you also back up your art in case of fire? With me, I'm an illustration board, watercolor paper and sketch card artist, so I can digitally back up my art by scanning it in and backing up to discs. For those who work on large surfaces, properly taken photos can be save directly into the computer or scanned in and then saved to discs (CDR/DVDR/Zip...).

Some weeks ago, I watched the PBS special with Suze Orman. Between segments, Ms. Orman highlighted her Ultimate Protection Portfolio which helps people "Create, organize, & store your most important documents." This brilliant system inspired me to take the opportunity to get caught up in my household efforts. I'm just going to focus on the art aspect of my endeavors, which will take some time to find resolution, so stay tuned for updates.

What is out there to help me keep my art and documents safe in case of emergency? Well, I'm seeking items that can keep my art and documents safe from fire and water (in-house) and one that can be portable should my household have to evacuate for one reason or another.

My in-house protection option has been found in a fire and water resistant safe. With Sentry's site, you can check out the comparison option to find the best safe for your needs.

For on-the-go, I started out searching for a protection case similar to Orman's protection case that has an accordion system. There aren't many out there. Granted, there are portable file boxes, however there aren't many with water resistant capabilities and a handle. There are, however, water resistant backpacks and rolling briefcases worth considering in lieu of accordion filing on the go.

For information on what to protects, CSN Office Furniture's site offers an article "Fireproof Safe and Cabinet Guide" which is very informative on how to safe-keep home and office documents/media.

Stuff happens. Back up. Get organized.


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