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Renee Decator Fine Art
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Renee Decator
Indialantic , Florida - United States
Acrylics - Nature

I love to laugh, I am a Southern girl, a Christian, married with two sons, I have a weiner dog named Spike, I have a strange fascination with squirrels (love/hate) and crows. I once saved a duckling from being eaten by a crow...I have some truly wonderful friends and a great family. I love life and love to share that passion through my artwork.

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A New Path
I have always loved mixed-media. I did quite alot in my show last year, Road Trip, impressions of a memory. I was somewhat restricted (self-imposed) working with subjects that pertained to the Road Trip experience. I have been gathering...aren't all we women gatherers? Rediscovering the oddist objects saved from all kinds of places and events. Sometimes you step out of your vehicle in a parking lot and behold a treasure. I have lots of those. I have a hard time leaving them lying there. I always presume they were waiting on me to retrieve them.

I am starting work on some new mixed-media pieces. I actually loved working on the book project for Hopes and Dreams, (check the previous post for more info) and want to do more, more, more.
As I get started, I am working with a sketch on acid free paper, the number 2, a fairy drawing clipped from an old book, a die-cut tag, an old painted piece of canvas (I couldn't throw away), some yellow plastic binding and assorted papers. I will be applying all of this to a board I have prepared with gesso.

I will try and remember to post new pictures as I work. Let me know what you think.

Still working, it is coming along...

Where to Start, How to Begin
All this is talk of blogging, should I? Do I need to ? Do I have time? I do love to talk.

I am not bragging, but I lead a blessed life...I see it that way. It is never boring and there is usually something to laugh about every day. I love life and the strangest things can get me so excited. I am fascinated with the all of creation, the plants and animals and even a few people. I guess what I desire to express as an artist is the uniqueness of my subjects, and my perspective of that.
My support system is a wonderful family and some very special friends;I live with all males there's my husband, my two sons and my dog Spike, (my weiner dog). This can be tough on a girl, with all this testosterone floating around. Luckily, Spike can talk and that often is a source of distraction. I don't know if other families speak through their dog, but Spike has a voice in all we do. My oldest son does the best Spike, then me, then my husband; who makes him sound somewhat Mexican. Thinking back, I don't believe I have ever heard my youngest son speak Spike. Spike is clever...he can say what no one else can. He can ask you what your problem is, call you out, and declare just how much he loves you. He can say things that I might not, like "Diddy,(his word for daddy) is a mean mean man"or "you smell funny". This can be a handy tool. I don't think he knows he talks, or exactly how important he is to all of us. My husband says he has a pea brain. I think he knows the phrase "pea brain" because of my frown upon hearing that phrase. You will hear a lot about Spike.

My art studio is called ARTESCAPE, for I find that escape is part of my art process. I have always been a dreamer... imaginative. I say I am painting my passions, and I hope that is always true. I have had many adventures in my life and they all have played a part in shaping who I am and how I see my world. I have coached little league, helped run a autobody shop, been to Hawaii twice, sang in a country band for 3 years, built furniture, sewed my own clothes, caught a 5ft shark on the beach, lost 100 lbs., led tiger cubs (boy scouts), coached Odyssey of the Mind, raised two teenagers, cooked dinner for 40 friends, been married 24 years, been to Paris for the food and art, sold a cow painting to buy a live cow. I said it was never boring.

Stitches - acrylic - 24" x 24" - $$595

Aruna Nair
2007-10-21 00:48:44
What I love about your paintings is that they are like a collection of short stories. Lovely colours, rather folksy. I love them
Sandy Bennett
2007-10-09 09:41:06
Thanks Renee. I really like your work - bright color and bold child-like views. "Ono Mala" - wow! I have always been envious of how children can so simply capture the essence. I very much enjoyed your blogs. I appreciate when someone gets such pleasure out of small everyday things that most people don't even notice. Guess that's why I like to paint scraggy trees and roots and rocks - Ha! I too don't believe in coindidence - I call em "meant to be" - things that lead you on a path you might never have picked.
I came to Indialantic once - stayed at "Turtle Run". Saw turtles(big as tables) come on the beach one night to lay eggs. Wondrous! I also believe I lead a blessed life and I wonder all the time what I have done to deserve this, so I try to give a little back thru art...
Debi Pickler
2007-10-08 22:46:16
Hi Renee!
Thanks for stopping by my site. Sure do appreciate your kind words. "Let It Snow" is one of my favorites. Took 60 hours to complete as I used a technical pen & ink (.13) to illustrate this moment in time.

Love your work! Love the colors, the subject matter and your technique. You can tell you have a passion for what you do. As for living by the ocean, life does not get any better especially for creating!

Thank you again for looking through my site. May you continue to inspire all of us with your wonderful art!

Take care,
Cassandra Donnelly
2007-10-08 22:20:31
Renee, thanks so much for stopping by my site. I didn't know I didn't have images posted as I am fairly new-as far as using the site goes, and thought I posted 20 images a while back. I fixed the problem and now have some images there.

Your art is so lovely. The composition is well-balanced and the colors really pop out. The themes and images are peaceful. It reminds me of "all things lovely and beautiful."

Stay blessed!

Suzie Majikol-Maier
2007-10-08 21:37:26
Thank you Renee. I love animals and nature too, and I really like your colorful, whimsical enchanting artwork.

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