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Annette Pompa
Portraits, Hand Studies and other works
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Annette Pompa
Catasauqua , Pennsylvania - United States
Acrylics - Portraits & Figures

I am an artist who prefers the human form and work primarily in Realism. I have painted a lot of portrait paintings and work preferably from photos I take. The one at right of a mother and her newborn is what my last focus was on, partly inspired by my volunteer work with La Leche League. Currently, I am fascinated by hands and what they can say about people. I am passionate about drawing from life and rendering something that mirrors our inner thoughts.

As a child I was intrigued with hands as a form of expression after I read The Story of Helen Keller. Sign language is a dance of communication not unlike art. As an artist, one of my reasons to create is to freeze a moment or feeling and express its many words visually.

Hands speak volumes about the subject and their life. It is in celebrating this universal image and what they have to say about our human condition that I have begun this series.Quite a few I am showing you are not quite finished, but I am almost ready to frame ...
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Feels something like Summertime
Summer is here and too much to do... even with the extra day light hours!!! I am hoping to be able to notch out more studio time. I have had other things to handle but it seems they may be lifting! Here's to hoping!!

lots of inspiration
I am amazed at the web and it's endless sources of images and artists and how inspiring it can be. I have promised myself I will be taking the kids to the local Art Museum this Sunday to see some art in person. It will be nice to meander around and see the textures and reactions of others simultaneously.

I have enjoyed beginning to paint again. I am finding the art community to be home once more to my dreams and the filter to my eyes. I am seeing anew. As I am a detail oriented painter, it is like I got a new contact prescription and everything is clearer. I think I have opened myself up to the joy again of creating and most of all to the process of creating. What a blessing to express our own little worlds to others.What a gift to take in other's views and art as well!!

Finding Balance
I have no trouble using balance in my art. It seems maybe I need to formulate a battle strategy for how to find balance and make steady time in my life to create. It is difficult. Right now it is sporatic. I have many visions of future paintings and they seem to loom over me, wanting attention. A constant fight with me the artist, the mom, the wife, the friend, the volunteer. I know once I can find the best way to work it into all of my other responsibilities, it will become habit and unmoveable... yet at times it seems so far away. Also, I find my studio time all consuming. When I do start to get into the work, it is diffiult to stop and do what needs to be done for my family and friends. I find myself very aggitated and interrupted. I love my family and they come first. It is also fair to say, that soon if I do not do some things for my soul, the well will be dry and I may have nothing to give back to them. I know in doing things to take care of yourself... YOU ARE taking care of those around you too. As we all know it is easy to logically KNOW and SAY it to others... hard to implement it in your own life when you are the one dealing with all the repercussions of responsibilities that must be met. It is in these moments I understand how artists over the years have been labeled reclusives or loners or tortured souls. It can be easy to be drawn into your passion. Consumed by it and shut out other parts of the world. The feelings I get when I am creating are that of a type of high and it is addicting. "Just wait kids... give me one more minute here..." I say this as I am getting my "fix". As artists it seems we see and feel things more deeply... notice things more readily.

Will there ever be balance? It seems to be a constant struggle for me to balance all I must do! For me, that is where I will find a peace in my life if I can just juggle it all. I have learned to prioritize over the years and it is getting better. I do say "no" more often than I used to when asked to do more than I know I should. So I am gaining ground. But when, oh when, will my life flow easier. I am contantly chasing that balance. Sometimes it feels like a marathon that never ends.

Hanging my own work
I am unsure what to do with the last posted example of my work (Creating the Sun). I decided it was to be framed with the rest of my pieces, but it was originally a gift for my Dad. I always felt as a little girl he was like God and could do anything, so this was made for him as a Father's Day gift. To show him a daughter's adoration. After my mother passed away and he remarried, it was taken down from his walls and kept in a closet. I thought it was because he had never framed it(my father used to frame things himself), but even after it is to be framed I found it was still not welcome. Perhaps I am too sensitive, but Ouch! I wouldn't care if he had hung them in his office where no one sees them but him! They were for my parents, not anyone else. I am thinking I may hang it in my entry way with one of Madonna (another Sistine Chapel detail I had done same year for my mother) I admit feeling sort of odd thinking of hanging my own work in my home.... am I alone in this? I always make things to share or give to others, not to hang in my home. But since they have no home for where they were intended... I feel it is now to honor my parents and their belief in me.

An old friend
Much is meant to be shared and we certainly get so much more than monetary benefits from letting go of our art... it helps refill our spirit to give a piece of us. To share or evoke common human emotions. I had forgotten this for so long until I began painting again. It is like finding an old friend is still there and comfortable and understands who you are. What a gift to me to be able to paint... without it, what would I do for an outlet? I recently had lunch with an old friend from college and it is so great we still can connect. That is how this newest phase of art is feeling for me. Visitations with parts of me I had not seen for some time.

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Until Then - acrylic - 9 X 12 inches

Annette Jimerson
2012-09-10 22:38:27
Thanks for your comment, checkout my new website
Suresh P. G.
2008-06-23 05:30:51
Very beautiful paintings. The colour sense is excellant... I like ur paintings..
Kimberly Fasser
2008-06-02 00:32:52
Beautiful, breathtaking work! ((And "I" am picky!)) I pray for your continued sucess! God bless...Kim
Michele Ritter
2008-05-06 12:19:58
Annette, I love your work. It is fantastic. I was able to download my other heart images if you would like to take a peak. Thanks so much. Michele Ritter
Johnnie belinda Ramey
2008-04-22 12:55:56
Thank you for your kind words. Creating The Sun took my breath away when this page opened,Your talents are diffently a God given gift. Your works touch the heart,keeping this gift to all so that to may be touched by the hand of God.
Johnnie Belinda
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