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The universe is in orions paint
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khristoff mullings
mandeville - Jamaica
Oil Painting - Other/Misc.

The stuff i 'try' to paint must feel like and expressive timeless wound, Bleeding ideas, a piece of time, colors. I do most of my work in my mind so i'll have very little to show...U_U. Your Painting comes from your mind but it has the power to free and sooth the mind even though thats where it came from. Its like the universe is in orions belt/paint. I do think canvas is getting old,im tired of seeing conventional work.My first exhibition, there was an art fair at mount St. Joseph in mandeville in 2010, i decided to enter but i never did a painting on canvas before(always in my mind) so i bought some acrylic paint that being my first painting on canvas someone bought it,her name is Norene Hendricks and that really changed my life, i would have given up if that didn't happen. I moved to oil based paint now but i don't use linseed or turps. I don't have the ventilation for such chemicals so i just go raw...I only use reeves oil sets, i find them SUPA conven...
phone: 18765589964
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