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The Girl in Love with the World
The Inspired Visual Musings of Melanie Heindl
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Melanie Heindl
Milwaukee , Wisconsin - United States
Mixed Media & Collage - Abstract

Melanie Heindl is:
1. a Mixed Media-Assemblage-Oil-Performance artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
2. a grand appreciator of life and all it has to offer
3. a believer that arts should be accessible to all, not just a chosen few
5. an artist who adheres to the concept of life as art and art as life

Melanie Heindl is not:
1. an artist who creates uninspired works for uninspired patrons or populations
2. an elitist

Melanie Heindl might be:
1. your friend. If we're not friends, I want to be
2. afraid of butterflies
3. a sucker for free junk

She is more than she is not and what she isn't is less than what she might be.

Insert "Dramatic Artist Statement From Undergrad" here:

My fingers are my brushes. The calluses form trying to transfer my words to the canvas. Additives such as metal, toilet parts, paper, ink, garbage, the dirt beneath my fingernails and blood create three-dimensionality upon the layers of oil. I abuse the materials until they model my vision.

Artist Blogs

Got the Facebook site up as well! Just search under The Girl in Love with the World or Birthday Gift to the World.

Getting ready to create today. Got a 30x40 stretched canvas to begin the new word project.

Nude - Pen and ink - 8x11" - $not for sale

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