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Feel the taste of South
Brought by wind from far away
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Mayya Lobova
Georgetown - Guyana
Acrylics - Landscapes

Hi everybody. My name is Mayya. I am an artist, originally from Russia, but living in the Republic of Guyana, South America.
I am doing acrylics paintings, working with oil, also making things in interior design, furniture, doing glass painting, hand made jewellry, and whatever comes to mind and hands with the help of fantasy. My paintings are dedicated to the beautiful land of Guyana, its nature, people and culture. So, welcome to my portfolio. Come and share the beauty of this land with me!
phone: +5926001032
website: presently this one, since the account at wordpress is blocked, as well as facebook and the rest of social networks
Artist Blogs

Walking through
Christmas time is coming to Guyana.
Houses are decorated with lights and small Christmas trees. Time is running like dozen of horses. Meanwhile I am preparing for going to Russia for two weeks. Will see what happens next.

Another blog
This blog was not opening for some time, thus I did not post any updates, but developed another one.
The new address is However I will continue to post the updates here as soon as something new comes out.

Started to work with oil this week.
Frankly speaking, oil feels amazing. It is a great material with great expectations and great results. Love it. Painting with oil is really enjoyable and inspirational when it comes to thinking of new images. Uploaded the photos of two first works to the blog. Sure, more will follow.

Dust off and get up...
Well, now it is time for the new projects. I have started to work on the new set of colorful paintings as I wrote previously. At the same time there is a suggestion to make some sketches for poems of one Russian/Ukrainian(not sure) poet. Just as a matter of interest. Another thing is that the friend of mine in Africa opened a hotel a month ago. This hotel is located at the beautiful island of Zanzibar, so while being there in August I have suggested him to make some decorations for the hotel. Otherwise, lets see. I am sure life will bring the opportunities to use the creativity and this will be soon!

IYV+10 Art Competition results and award ceremony in Guyana.
The IYV + 10 Art Competition was arranged by the UNDP Office in Guyana in June 2011. The main idea of the competition was to receive the Artworks produced by youth dedicated to Volunteerism. Willing to be useful in creativity I have created a poster on canvas, dedicated to the volunteerism in Guyana and submitted it for participation in competition. Later in July 2011, I was contacted by the UNDP representatives with the news that my poster is selected for the final presentation at the series of UNDP lectures on Volunteerism at traditional Umana Yana in Kingstown.
The whole ceremony took place on October 21st, 2011, and it was really astonishing for me to discover that my poster gained the first place!!! The award consisted of the plaque and the monetary bonus in amount of 50000 GYD, which I am going to donate to the local school here in the region. I would like to thank the UNDP Office, VSO in Guyana, as well as other participants and those who attended the ceremony at Umana Yana on 21st of October!!! Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to use the art and creativity for good!!!

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Cashew tree - Acrylics, hard industrial paper - 25 x 10 cm - $n/a

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