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Lisa M
Canberra - Australia
Mixed Media & Collage - Other/Misc.

I am a wife to a very supportive husband. He wants me to achieve the best I can do with no pressure as long as i enjoy it. He is also my critique at present, but I am looking else where so that I can really learn how to draw and eventually paint really well.

I am a mum to 3 very energetic boys aged 11 and 9 at present. Yes I have twins and they are the 9 yr olds...

I am very new at this. I have never really drawn before but discovered I can do a little bit of drawing with lots of patients. I wouldn't say I am great, and I have so much room for improvement....

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New at this....
Well, here I am...

I am new at drawing.

I don't know anyone in the artworld, or very few people and no one on web sites. So I thought I would give this ago and let people view my art work... as simple as it is...

I never knew I could do a little bit of drawing.

Art is so big. There is so much involved in that word. It is so diverse to. You can make it what you want and use what ever you want to make a picture, photo, painting, drawing, pottery and so forth. And its exciting to see what people (kids and adults)can do... and achieve...

I have so much to learn. I feel so out of my depth yet I am mostly loving it. I want to know more and want to learn more and see if what I learn I can apply it.

I went on an art excursion with my son 6 months ago and the art teacher there (whom i respect) says to me, why don't you have a go at drawing. I says no, I cant draw. He doesnt let that stop him, and hands me an art book/pencil and I ended up coping a painting of a lady in a field gleening. All the kids were doing this. They chose there own pictures but they were coming up with some really good stuff... I was amazed that I did this.

My husband who is my biggest support in whatever I do, even noticed what it was, and has encouraged me ever since.

I am now in a night art course and enjoying it and struggling in it too. I am so out of my depth. I have so so much to learn. I wonder why am I there when i see what every one else can do and there is my picture not half as good as there's. But my husband says there is improvement in what I do, and is encouraging me to stay... and I am glad I am... And the teacher is just great and seems to care about his students...(all adults in this class - plus he has kids nearly every afternoon after school and weekends. I take my hat off to him...)

The picture of the lady is my Nanna in her younger days. Her photo looks better but its the first picture I have completed without being in the art room. And the art teacher wasnt there either.

The second picture is of a Lion that I copied..

Both pictures are done with Charcol...


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