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Lauren Macko
Medina , Ohio - United States
Oil Painting - Abstract

I have a MFA and BFA in painting. My subject matter usually stems from issues going on in the world, such as medical discoveries, pollution, and globalism.

My work delves into biology and science, and I am contemplating the world from a microscopic point of view. My paintings begin with an image from under a microscope or an idea, or both. I appropriate images of cells, bacteria, and diseases and use them as a starting point for my paintings. Using these kinds of images as a starting point helps to anchor them in the microscopic world, but by pushing them further into the unexpected, imagined and improvisational, I can pose questions instead of merely stating facts. I choose to abstract my images primarily because I am not looking to represent a specific ailment, disease, cell or even a particular image. I choose to combine images and ideas, abstracting them in the process to make ‘hybrids.’ My paintings examine issues like mutation, super-viruses, antibiotic resistant infections such...
Artist Blogs

some writing
I watched
Time after time
Knowing nothing of boundaries or light
Splitting no hairs
Not being able to speak
Words among the sky
Shift great moments to the passerby
Notice the perception of parasites
And trivial uselessness
The tears dry
So slowly move on as to not disturb the meter
I try harder to erase all that has been left on the sidewalk
Echo through the wall
Trail to fall
Divide the many ties and separate cocaine lines
Watching eminent failure collapse

Perturbed by your scent
My nose lifts
Unperceivable attributes of melancholy and fright
I bring forth madness
Starring through the rain
The breath you take
Never mimicking dry
The atmosphere alive
Leaves flying
Darkness overpowers city streets
No hope for the lost
Thirsty trees
And eager eyes
Waiting patiently
Magnetic pull forward

Hypnotizing eyes
Of past ghosts
Haunting or visiting?
Vacant words
Absent solace
Events scattered
Reveling in minute victories, extremely rare
Can you forfeit?
Relevant importance buoyant
Vivid colors emanating from majestic auras
How suffocating vanity is
Above beautiful lies
I reach for you

With little belief
The world was destroyed
And I ate ice cream
Not far from the fireplace
Where coals smoldered
Behind the iron grate
Watching the world fall
Embracing the far off flames
And billowing smoke on the horizon
My ice cream melts

Bacteria - oil on canvas - 72" x 36" - $800.00

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