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Katianne Apgar's Portfolio and Gallery
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Katianne Apgar
Bozeman , Montana - United States
Sculpture - Abstract

Katianne Apgar, a student artist at Montana State University, is all about making things. She works with anything she can get her hands on, a gesture to her self-set goal of a well-rounded palette of artistic ability. In turn, she has an eclectic portfolio with each turn of a page presenting a varied collection of works in different studio focuses ranging from sculpture to drawing and variations of those themes.
Using a domestic kitchen plastic wrap often in her latest sculptures, her pieces are playful by the way the qualities of the negative space contextualize their child-like eloquence. The organic shapes provide a skeleton to their brightly colored skins. She organizes different colored plastic wraps to fade and blend in to each other, giving each piece a three dimensional, translucent, Georgia O'Keefe's "Red Canna" feel. Each one of her works is not at all like previous one as if she is trying to provide herself some kind of creative evolution.
She has both a rough...
phone: 406-461-6065
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Artists Statement cont'd....
......and tender way with her work which shows in the almost playground equipment-like creations. She brings forth movement while being careful to pay attention to the form and the space involved with it. The pieces invite you to touch them, enter them, climb on them and roll them around. Miss Apgar operates between the gap of child's play and abstract art and builds the offspring of them, making sculpture playgrounds a rather contemplative-worthy idea.

What Is Sculpture???
What Is Sculpture?
Katianne Apgar
Advanced Sculpture 333

Sculpture is object art, the way the forms fit together create the space of the sculpture. It's the perfect combination of positive shapes and negative space. In Rosalind E Krauss's book, "Passages of Modern Sculpture", Gothold Lessing asserts that "sculpture is a an art concerned with the deployment of bodies in space." I agree with this notion. It's a responsibility upon the artist to not only present the object, but to include the environment it will be presented in, in the design of the piece itself. To me, it's like an investigation of materials. It's a science, a mathematical equation, and an art form, all in one. It's a series of choices and decisions for the artist to make. It's one of the oldest forms of human expressions in the world that has prevailed throughout the ages and in every culture. It has developed, leaving its pedestal and conquering the floors, walls, ceilings, sidewalks, hallways and courtyards.
It has been defined as, "The art of producing, in three dimensions, representations of natural or imagined forms." Also defined as, "an art form that is three dimensional, and can be viewed from all sides and all angles." But it is much more than a standard definition. It's all of that, but also a lifestyle. An expression of feelings, a confession of thoughts, a visual guide to an opinion. And for us all, as sculptors, it's a passion.

An Interview with the Artist
Why are you an artist?

I believe that artists are born and not made. I am an artist because of two things; One is genetics. My Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt and Father are all talented artists in the drawing and painting mediums. I really feel that I inherited the skill from being exposed to their drawings at such a young age. Secondly, I was an only child, so there wasn't a lot to play with by myself except for crayons, paints and markers. I resorted to coloring a lot, as well as other crafts because I was by myself often and didn't need anyone to play with when I was making art. I wasn't lonely when I could immerse myself in a drawing or sculpture. My mother thought everything I made was amazing, so I made everything for her.

When did you realize you were meant to be an artist?

I started making art when I was very young and I started with drawing and ceramics. I took private drawing classes 3 nights a week for 3 years and ceramics classes every day each summer. I also took other classes that were offered such as printmaking and painting, but I always stuck with the drawing. It wasn't until I graduated from 8th grade at the age of 13. We opened up a time capsule that we buried in the 2nd grade (around 8 years old). We were all handed papers with the interviews we were given back then. Under the question, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' I wrote, 'an artist with a gallery full of masterpieces.' I even spelled masterpieces correctly. That was my first big indicator. I didn't really accept it until it came time to go College. I wanted to major in something like Architecture or Design, which I tried, but realized that I was supposed to be studying art because that's all that I wanted to do when I woke up in the morning, and the last thing I did before I went to sleep at night. I think I always new, but didn't realize that I could be successful until I came to Montana State University.

How do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?

When things "get tough in the studio" I usually move to another medium. That almost always works for me. Also, I try to have several sculptures started so that there is always one at a fairly satisfying stage to work on when I go to work.

What is your artistic medium of choice?

I have never nailed down a medium of choice because I do what I feel like doing at the time. If I feel like drawing, I draw. I paint when I get the feeling that I want to paint. However, most recently I have been sculpting using steel dowels and plastics.

Why that medium?

Sculpting is a way for me to touch and feel the two dimensional ideas that I've transformed into three dimensional creations.

What are the things that keep your mind occupied?

I keep my mind full of ideas that I can do to my work, my home, my car, etc. I think of them as my inventions, or experiments. If I need something, I make it. That's what I keep my mind occupied with

What is it that you are seeking?

I am seeking a niche in my local art community. I have yet to get to know most members. I am seeking a network, and advice, always. I am seeking my bachelaurettes degree. Mostly I am seeking in myself the ability to call myself an artist.

What materials are you drawn to? Do you know why?

I like to weld. I like to use steel the best, aluminum doesn't have the weight and strength steel does. My favorite material is Saran Wrap, the domestic kitchen plastic wrap. Its pliable enough for the exotic organic shapes I like to create, and its got an instant gratification when you apply heat to it. I have a hard time imagining what my piece will look like until I get it built, so I appreciate the immediacy that the plastic wrap provides for my pieces.

How can you talk about your visual work? Can you really explain the pieces, or can words never reach the essence of it?

I have been learning how to speak more eloquently and accurately about my work more this semester than I have my entire 4 years at MSU. I find it a lot easier to write about my work than to speak because I can really think about what I am saying and I can delete the things that just don't fit. I find that when I am speaking about my work, I lose the words, or I repeat one word for everything. I think that is more of a stage fright influence.

Can you execute your ideas with a different material?

Well, I work with many different mediums and materials but I have yet to try it on a large scale with my sculptures. I use plastic wrap because there is a lot of it, for reasonable price. I have tried to use nylon, cheesecloth, wax, and feathers and I think they are all affective, however not as much as plastic wrap. And I don't get the modern minimalist look that I think accompany my forms.

Do you take directions that come uninvited on you path?

I am very open to suggestions and ideas, however I don't believe direction is something to be imposed unless requested.. The word direction is a bit controlling. To direct someone is to instruct and dominated your opinion on how to create their piece, instead of planting the seed of idea. All criticism is constructive though.

Is the material lifeless until given meaning by the creator, or is the material speaking by itself?

I don't think any material is lifeless, but I do think the purpose of the material is often assumed or assigned. It not until you can assign that material a new role that the possibility of the material speaking for itself is possible.

If materials speak by themselves how do, and can they also communicate your thoughts?

Materials are the components of the piece that is created to communicate your own thoughts so yes I believe they can. And if they didn't, the piece wouldn't be much of a personal success.

Why do you want to go into this field?

I chose to go into sculpting because it was one thing I'd never tried and knew the least about. I am eager to have a well rounded palette of skill and knowledge in the art field.

Is art a passion for you?

Art is what I do and how I live. I don't feel that passion is the best word for it. It is more of a way of life. It's all I've ever known to do well and happily. My art is an expresssion of my feelings

How much experience have you had in organizing a show and setting up your work?

Not enough. That is the one part of being an artist that I know the least about. That's the kind of thing that there is no class for, you just learn from experience. I know this is one area I really need to learn more about.

Whose work do you relate to most?
Who inspires you?

I like Frank Ghery's sculptural work. His pieces are made of industrial materials such as chain link fence, cardboard, corrugated metal. They are constructed of such harsh material, yet still function as both art and furniture. Recycled art with a purpose. I also am inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, because his imagination and patience is astounding. Lita Albequerque, Sylvie Fleury, Anish Kapoor and Mauritzio Cattelan are among a few others.

What was the last show you attended?

Besides the galleries in the art building and around the campus,
the last show I attended was the last one I participated in, which was the Progression Session 4.

Do you feel that art should inspire the artist or the viewer, or both?

I think that art can be inspiring to anyone however it can be so much more to them too. Inspiration is only one emotion, and I believe that one piece of art can evoke several different emotions from the viewer, sometimes all at once, and sometimes different emotions from different viewers. A piece that can make one person inspired can also depress another.

Do you enjoy collaboration work and working in teams?

I don't know. I haven't had to try it yet.

Where do you see your work taking you?

I don't see an end to the journey that art will take me on. It's a random lottery of opportunity and adventure.

If you could picture yourself 5, 10 years from now, where would you be and what would you be doing?

I see myself branching out and becoming more active in the local artist community. I would like to open up my own after school program for kids like the one I went to when I was younger. I would also like to start my own playground activity equipment business, and design playgrounds.

If you were awarded a grant of say $2000 for a major art project, how would you use the money?

I'd utilize it to build an "art park". It would be a really fun thing to get a bunch of local artists together to collaborate on a playground development that is focused on an Art theme and to build creative, abstract interactive playground of sculpture/toy hybrids.

Do you have a vision for your work?

Only that it will develop into my signature style and grow for the better.

Do you see yourself in your artwork?

I can see my personal style in elements of every piece I make and usually it is the color. I am a big color fan, and I love to show my mood through it.

Do you feel confident speaking and writing about what it is you do?

I still blush and get shy when I am complimented on a piece, and I try to avoid conversation about my work. I am a humble person so I don't like to feel like I am bragging about myself.

Describe the ideal working atmosphere.

Anywhere really. It takes a little while for me to become acclimated to the space, however once I am comfy, I am right at home.

Do you feel being born and raised in Montana has influenced your art?

Absolutely. I believe that any artist's living environment influences their pieces. I just feel like I am more fortunate than say someone who's geographical influence is say, New Jersey.

What is your favorite piece/s?

My favorite drawing is probably "Mermaid", an 18"x24" black and white charcoal portrait of a young woman. My favorite acrylic piece is an 18"x24" self portrait that I did of my reflection in a rearview mirror of my car. My favorite watercolor piece is a 5"x9" landscape of a grain silo in Manhattan. My favorite ceramic piece would have to be my urn. And my favorite sculpture would have to be my most recent, A 4'x 6' steel frame wrapped in clear plastic.

What is your most successful piece?

I would have to say anything I have sold, been commissioned to do or given as gifts.

If you could trade your artistic skill and talent in for any other talent, would you?

Abosolutely Positively not!!!! It's the greatest gift I have!!!

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

Be determined and stick to the work that means something to you. If you want to have a long career then you must first and foremost love process. All else should pale in front of the love of what you are doing as you make your work. That will sustain you over many arid times. Also, keep your eyes open for new products and techniques and always, always be looking at everything around you! Always learn the rules and boundaries before you break or cross them. This will save you some embarrassment.

What inspires you to sculpt?

Life inspires me to sculpt. Sculpting inspires me to sculpt. I have formed a habit of walking into the studio and becoming inspired. At times I become inspired while I am working. Sometimes I get so excited about a new idea, that I have to stop what I am doing and start drawing up or even just start welding it immediately. Some inspiration is nags you to the point of insanity. That's the best kind.

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art?

My art is an expression of my feelings A confession of my thoughts. A visual guide of my opinions. It's my voice. I feel that I would be mute. Bottled up. Catatonic. Definitely not me, I'd be a whole other person entirely.

what is the best moment when you are creating?

The best moment is when I am just getting started. When I step into the studio and begin turning on all the power, the ventilation, the machinery. I feel like the room is taking one big breath and stretching out before it gets into full swing. Like a rejuvenating yawn.

Where do you work on your artistic concepts?

On my couch at home. I curl up in a ball with a pencil and a few fresh pieces of paper and I draw. Precision and measurement are the least of my concerns, but I do like to see where things should go and how it should look before I get to work. I have discovered a lot of interesting shape this way.

Can you describe an evolution in your work from your first projects to the present day?

My pieces were very random, all over the place. I didn't have one theme to variate on. Instead I was trying and erroring, if there is such a word. It was like I was presenting a burnt cake each time. I was embarrassed by my work a lot of the time. Now, however I have kept it simple in my mind, which has allowed me to take one theme and play with it, and really expand its possibilities. For me it makes me feel a lot more satisfied about the work I present.

Do you discuss your work with other artists?

That is what is nice about working in the studio at the school. There is always a trained eye and educated opinion nearby. When you hit a wall in your work, someone will pipe up with an idea or constructive criticism, sometimes with out any prompting. At times, you will get advice even when you aren't seeking it, or someone will point out something that you may need to change before you even notice it yourself.

Describe your style, like a good friend of yours would describe it.

An artist friend would say I have a Modern Minimalist touch with an Organic twist. My non artist friends say, "oooooooh. Neeeeeat."

what project has given you the
most satisfaction?

My latest pieces have. I really feel like they are my break through pieces. I have finally come into sculpture with my own style and that is a validating feeling. These pieces have really opened the sculpture part of my mind.

Is there any artist from the past, you appreciate a lot?

Most of the artists I enjoy are still practicing their skill. I have a contemporary preference.

Who or which organization would you like to develop
something for?

I'd like to get a few spaces in my cousins art gallery/ Salon. It's the perfect environment for them. The place is very colorful, modern, chic. And its family, so it would be a pleasant collaboration.

Katianne Apgar's Resume
Katianne Apgar
416 Michael Grove Apt. C
Bozeman, MT 59718


2003- Present Montana State University-Bozeman Bozeman, MT
Bachelor of Arts- In process, graduation set for Dec '08
Major: Studio Art
Focus: Sculpture

2004 Walt Disney World College Program Orlando, FL
Internship Focus: Imagineering and Resort Hospitality
May 2004 - December 2004

2002-2003 University Of Montana-Helena College of Technology Helena, MT
Associate of Arts, transferred to MSU-Bozeman for BA


2006-2007 Progression Session IV and V Bozeman, MT
A one night contemporary art and culture event
Set-up and Organizational Help

2006 Water Media Summer Show Bozeman, MT
Set up help and Catering


2006-2008 The Molly Brown Bar, Bartender/Cocktail Bozeman, MT
2006 The Sports Depot Bar & Grill, Bartender Bozeman, MT
2005 MSU-Bozeman, Front Desk, Johnstone Hall Bozeman, MT
2004 Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge & Villas, Orlando, FL
Front Desk, Concierge & Valet Supervisor
2003 Agricultural Statistics Office, NASDA, enumerator Helena, MT
2002 Deer Valley Mountain Resort, Reservations Agent Park City, UT
Snow Park Lodge, Olympic Winter Season


2007 Progression Session V, Gallatin County Fairgrounds Bozeman, MT
2006 Progression Session IV, Emerson Cultural Center Bozeman, MT
Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Bozeman, MT
Emerson Cultural Center
Water Media Summer Show, MSU Grad Studios Bozeman, MT
2002 U of M-Helena College of Tech, Airport Campus Lobby, Helena, MT
1999 Front Street Learning Center, Lobby Helena, MT

Hiking, Photography, Graphic Design , Camping, Gardening, Fitness, Family, Travel

Cover Letter to Atrium Gallery
December 9th, 2007

Ms. Alice Meister
Library Director-Bozeman Pubic Library
626 E. Main St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Dear Ms. Meister;

I am writing to you to express my interest in being a part of your Library's Atrium Gallery Exhibit. I am a student artist at Montana State University and I have been working to emerge into the local artist community more and more as my graduation date looms closer. I have experience in group exhibitions and shows, and would be elated to have my first solo show be apart of your first year on Main Street.

My interest in this exhibit opportunity is enticed by the location of the exhibit, and the guests who will be viewing it. I am interested in how I can inspire children's appreciation of art, as well as how adults will respond to the pieces. I operate between the gap of child's play and abstract art and I build the offspring of them, allowing my pieces to interact with guests of all ages. I also believe my work is ideal for The Atrium Gallery space because their innovative, contemporary and curvilinear shapes and bright, friendly colors make them perfect for a light environment such as The Atrium Gallery.

As I mentioned, my graduation date is around the corner. I have begun to work on my thesis projects, and would love to have the most important pieces of my college journey displayed in The Atrium Gallery.

Please call me at 406.461.6065 to arrange an introduction. I am eager to meet you and learn more about the exhibit. Thank you for considering me for this position.

Katianne Apgar

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