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The Jesuit order Rules today
learn history, not lies
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John Reynaga
Stockton , California - United States
- Abstract

We are living in very dangerous times. The reality of the situation is that we are being lied to every day of our lives. This brainwashing makes it seem impossible to accept any evidence that exposes the truth. We are being deprived of real history, our sovereignty as Nations, and even science. It is important for people to research the Jesuit order. They are the reason why that our rights and our futures are being destroyed in America. I highly recommend that people stop watching tv, it is not only garbage, but it is in fact a brainwashing tool. Our journalists refuse to do the jobs that the American people expect of them, and some news organizations are down right anti-American with how they are lying to the American people and remaining ever, state run. You have got to look at evidence. Physical evidence will help you start to sift through the BS because the internet is full of lies. Currently the American people are to be disarmed. Corrupt government operations are performing fake 'shootings'...
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