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Jeff White
Everett , Massachusetts - United States
Drawings - Other/Misc.

I've been working in pen and ink for so long now that I bleed ink instead of blood when I donate at the Red Cross. Trying to get more in tune with the times, I started going the digital route by illustrating in PhotoShop and found it as comfortable as dipping my feet into a bath full of warm salsa (now howís THAT for some imagery???). The only criteria I have for making a picture is that it raises an eyebrow or two (or a headshake), hence I tend to think up some rather odd topics to draw. So far itís been working... I've had my work published in comics, magazines, little people books, big people books, newspapers, and have done a lot of freelance work for private commissions, adverts, character design, logos, t-shirt companies and have had my artwork spread across the globe in countries such as France, Australia and Japan. Any other information regarding where my work has been featured could lead to possible jail time, so I wonít be divulging any of that stuff anytime soon for...
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Spud Room - Digital art - $NFS yet... for work sample only

Jeff White
2009-09-09 14:37:14
whoops.. sorry! This is for the first image that is a wraparound bookcover!
Jeff White
2009-09-09 14:29:42
26 chefs go off in search of a special ingredient for their stew and something weird happens to each of them... fully illustrated in pen & ink in the style of the Golden Age illustrators. Softcover. Cost includes shipping & handling in the USA. None disappointed!!!!!
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