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3D Psychedelic Art by Jacques Mayou
3D Psychedelic Art painted on Styrofoam.
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Jacques Mayou
Bend , Oregon - United States
Acrylics - Other/Misc.

Jacques Mayou was born into a second generation farming family in 1960. He has worked in the produce, and agriculture areas most of his life. It was while working for a strawberry shipper that he saw big sheets of Styrofoam going to the landfill. It was then he thought that they could make a great canvas! He saved many of those sheets of foam, and began painting them in 1993. The first work was for black light. During this early time, he was introduced to ChromaDepth HD 3-D Glasses by a friend. He then put more focus on painting for ChromaDepth presentation. Jacques took a few years off from painting around 2004. Then he wanted to do something different, so he got some Nova Color Acrylics and started to create for white light. Jacques is currently painting for white light, but will create for black light again. His next future project will be to create art that looks like white light art, but then when you turn on the black light It will give you a big surprise!
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3D Psychedelic Art by Jacques Mayou
If your looking for something different check out my 3D psychedelic art. I create art for black light, and white light. All my art is painted on Styrofoam! The art is highly textured so you wouldn't know what it was made of if you saw one framed on the wall. My art would be super for nightclubs, home theater rooms, children's rooms, play rooms, or any room with walls! If you have a black light already, I pretty sure you have never seen anything like my black light art. My white light art is great for a psychedelic experience too! It works fantastic with colored lights, and light shows! The art works with ChromaDepth HD 3D glasses to give the viewer a glimpse into a psychedelic experience without drugs! If your looking to create a party room like no other, my art will do the trick. The fact is, it's very rare. You can see some of my work at
See the slide show there. You can go FULL SCREEN with it, and just have a good time!

Since this is my firt post here, I'm not sure if I can get a link to work. If it won't work, just Google Jacques Mayou 3D Art.

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My Jungle 2 47 x 48 - GlueColors on Styrofoam for black light - 47 x 48 - $ See my website

Jacques Mayou
2009-05-08 17:20:43
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