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The Beginning, the Middle, and The End.
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Caitlyn Strouth
x , Virginia - United States
- Other/Misc.

All forms of art amuse me. I find all things beautiful. I dream in black and white; as well as, color. I view the world with an artist's eye. Life is poetry in movement meant to be captured in a form known as art.

I use several different mediums, but the most common are charcoal, paint, photography, and watercolor.
My main form of medium is charcoal. I love how simple, yet complext art can become from working with charcoal. It is also a plus that charcoal works well with shadowing and contrast. I love the way it feels as you apply it to the paper; almost, like you are placing a part of your soul into the work.

As an aspiring artist, I welcome all comments, help, and information. Thank you and enjoy!

"Art is what you can get away with." `Andy Warhol`

Artist Blogs

Update Feb 15th
I've been painting non-stop for the past few weeks. I was never a big fan of painting, but I have a talent for it and I need to expand my boundaries as an artist.

This in mind I have finally buckled down and picked a major for SCAD. As soon as I graduate with the degree I have in progress which should be next semester, I'll be leaving for Georgia.

Busy, busy, busy.
I've been a workaholic as of late and have started several new series.

My favorite would be the "Celebrity Series" which includes several charcoals.

Robbert Patterson, Johnny Depp (sold), Leonardo DiCaprio and several others.

When I get the new camera photos will be put up and I mean ALOT will be uploaded.

Informal Zombie - Graphite

Annette Pompa
2008-04-11 19:20:40
I like the energy in your color pieces! Love Bloody Saint.
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