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New Beginnings
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Betty Willson
Big Rapids , Michigan - United States
Oil Painting - Landscapes

To My Gallery In Michigan ~

I'm a new self taught artist. I have been painting and drawing for just over a year now.

I like to paint in oil, but I also enjoy painting with acrylic too. I enjoy drawing and use various mediums to draw with.

Ie;soft pastels,colored,drawing,& charcoal pencils as well as charcoal sticks.

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I'm signing up for classes at the local university and hope to be attending this summer. Then I want to go one of their other colleges that is connected to the university and take all fine art classes. I'm excited about the prospects and can't wait to start.

A Little About Me & Where I Live ~
I was born in Michigan and raised in various areas. I've lived in a few other states besides MI.

I love to travel and plan on going to Ireland,the land of my heritage as well as Germany,also of my heritage.

I currently reside in the central/west side of Michigan.

I live about two hours or less from Lake Michigan. The great lakes here are EXTREMELY beautiful. When you see the sights and feel the experience of Michigan, you'll never want to leave.

Michigan is known for it's beautiful landscapes and AWESOME sunsets & sunrises.

There are numerous places to come and visit and numerous more that will still be waiting for you when you come back again ( and You will be back - just because of the breath taking views.) Besides our majestic landscapes/views, we have an abundance of wildlife.

I took some better pictures of my art and got a few of them up on here now. I wished I could have added the rest, but I guess I'll just have to switch out now and then.
Thanks for looking and reading.

Sincerely, and God Bless,
BJ Willson

FRIENDS - GUESS WHO? - Pastel - 8x10 - $Make Me An Offer

Mary E. Whitehill
2007-04-05 07:35:48
I feel the same way about my Hudson Highlands as you do about Lake Michigan. Your moonlight painting has captured the magic of a full moon on a frosty night. HAve you tried watercolors? I think you would love them.
cathy savels
2007-03-31 07:07:30
Thank you for your kind comments. If you read my statement on my site, it explains a little why I use different materials. Don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more. I like the softness of your work by the way. You use different mediums too!
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