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Images from an imagination
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Faith Woodard
Union , Nebraska - United States
Sculpture - Other/Misc.

Homemaker, mother, home-based educator, writer, artist. My creations are eclectic, original and one-of-a-kind assemblages and representations. I firmly believe "If you can imagine it, I can create it."
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Artist Community
For one who lives in a very small town in the midwest and has virtually no contact with other artists, I look forward to sharing creative energies with all who are willing

Current Projects
Two of my most recently completed projects have just been downloaded. Am anxious for feedback.

A Glimpse at Some Past Projects
Just added pictures of two past projects. One is a special order for a friend "something dealing with the Vine and Branch or Fruit of the Spirit". The other project is one of my many Canister Creations. I tend to have lots of clutter and guess I figure other people do, too. The mushroom shown has long ago been sold but the model (so-to-speak) is still available. Hope to have communication between my camera and computer restored soon and to make photos of current works available.

Welcome to my world, continued...
While my work is beyond definition, and part of the joy is never knowing where an idea or found object will take me, my true passion is made-to-order work. Whatever the medium, whatever the character of the final piece, I most enjoy creating for a specific recipient. Paper sculpture of a special photograph, plastic/paper compositions of personal tableaus, a 3-dimensional pun related to a friend's work or hobby - the knowledge that there is more than a physical object being given is a gift to me, as the artist.

Welcome to my world
When asked what kind of art I do, I am left speechless (not a natural state for me!) I don't know - once I was told it was "too artsy to be crafts, too craftsy to be art". Of course, that was several years ago. My art has been developing, along with the artistic aspect of my crafts. "Whatever" I consider myself an artist and those who have seen my work have felt the same way. I hope that when I am able provide photos (soon - very soon) those who visit my gallery will feel the same way. My most recent creation is titled, "The Protector" - a mother dragon surrounding the cave containing her nest of two eggs. Wood, paper, plastic, misc. media

The Protector - Front - Wood, recycled & household mat'ls., acrylic - appx. 14 1/2" tall x 13" base - very heavy - $150

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