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Daniel Zaccaria
cranberry twp. , Pennsylvania - United States
Drawings - Other/Misc.

I like to work in all mediums, and there are few I haven’t experimented with. I think I enjoy three dimensional work the most. I have done a lot of work in the automotive industries, since cars and motorcycles are just rolling sculptures anyway; this allowed me to try a wide variety of materials and techniques. I have yet to do any substantial work in stone, but look forward to in some day. Of coarse the almost artist essential, DRAWING! I try to draw a lot. I have studied art in one way or the other my whole life, and probably will for the rest of it. I read every book I can get my hands on, scour the internet for info.
In highschool I always had an art class and a shop class, and took part in all sorts of extra-curricular art related activities. I studied graphic design at a local college, and industrial design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh; plus several vocational schools. I try to be a well rounded individual.

Artist Blogs

I dont know what happend to honesty. It must have been lost some time long ago, only to be left with the few. Its really a shame. In this day'n'age its hard enough for an artist to make a living, let alone to be scamed out of thier work and money. Its always great to hear someone appreciates your work, even better if they want to buy it. Isn't it? But be cautious of it. You hate to think the worse of people, and sometimes they are sincere. How do you tell... Well thats complicated. A good rule is always, if it sounds to good to betrue, it probably is. If the arangments they propose seem odd, like they want to add it to a previous shipment their company is sending to avoid cost, offer a alternative. If they are not willing, probably a con. If they are unwilling to give any personal info,probably a con. I was approched in this fasion. I offerd to FedX at my expence,and asked to talk to him on the phone.Never heard from him agian. If anyone has anything to offer concerning the matter feel free to add your coments. I geuss it upto the few to keep it real!

octopuss - oil pastel on bord / coustomframe - 19"x32" - $nfs

Kimberly Larson
2007-12-22 15:19:21
Ahh! I love your knight dude picture!
Natalie Wilson
2007-12-06 08:01:16
Daniel, nice work. I like your longhorn. I like your blog statement, and yes it is sad that we have to deal with such things. It irritates me to no end...thankfully other artists, like yourself, are there trying to watch one another's backs and give out the warnings. That doesn't go unnoticed.
Amy Shoemaker
2007-10-23 20:29:30
Nice drawings. I really like them. :)
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