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jewelry and kaleidoscopes
jewelry and kaleidoscopes
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Julia Agapova
Kiev - Ukraine
Jewelry - Other/Misc.

We have two directions of activities to date:
1. Kaleidoscopes .
2 . Large author pendants with a complex pattern of cone crystal Swarovski.
Kaleidoscopes are divided into two areas:
1. Decorated photograph outside. Photograph can be arbitrary. We accept orders for the product from your photo.
2 . Decorated with paintings . Each product is unique. Truly a gift for the true connoisseurs .

Сообщение для соотечественников: ищем Партнеров для реализации кулонов за пределами Украины. Изделия...
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Pendant Aurora borealis - Pendant Aurora borealis - 5.3x4.3 - $63

Julia Agapova
2014-01-12 07:43:21
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to tell you a bit as there was a collection . It all began with the idea to cover the surface of the metal jewel. But for most women , unfortunately, to have a jewelry in which from 180 to 300 jewel - not really. Swarovski crystal cope with this task and it sparkles like a diamond . Jewelry standard - countless , so we moved away from minimalism and used in the large pendant whose surface can be laid out a complex pattern . Our work is pattern flash on a woman's body , sparkling image. It carries tranquility, harmony and balance. Let me explain why : technological complexity of implementation requires a high concentration and sharpened tranquility movements. In another condition to do such work impossible. Welcome ! :)
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