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Calvin Scott Johnson
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Calvin Scott Johnson
Murray , Utah - United States
Oil Painting - Abstract

Within the last eight years my paintings have developed from stylistic landscapes to complete Abstract Expressionism, following what I consider to be the traditional methods of the New York Action Painters. This is consistent with my painterly gesture and philosophy, it has given my paintings a new and dynamic feeling.

The more that I explore the processes of abstraction, the more I find my paintings taking on the aspects of color field abstraction. As I move further into abstraction, I perceive the continual changing of style and techniques that are required for abstraction. I feel that abstraction is the culmination of my artistic knowledge, from the associations of color with other colors and form, to the composition and fabrication of shape and dimension. This excites me and causes me to push further into the processes of abstraction.

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Science and Art
The further that I push into Abstract Expressionism the more I perceive the importance of understanding how science and art are affiliated and how that pertains to my painting. I have always been as interested in Mathematics and Physics as I have in Art, I am beginning to understand the function of the groups together, how important they are to one another and how they influence my work. I am as interested in how the eye receives color as the color itself. Not in terms such as a Color Wheel represents but in the true color spectrum of light, how color is a reflection or deflection of the pure light spectrum. I am fascinated in why the eye moves around the canvas as a result of how color moves it. I continually see the geometric divisions developing on my canvases. I am aware of our visual field and the dimensions of color that I build into my work.

This however is not a conscious effort that is made while I paint. I believe that it is the culmination of my understanding, converging upon the canvas. With scientific and artistic knowledge developing separately, it is only with the broad brush strokes which I associate with abstraction that I have begun this awareness in my paintings. I have always loaded my palette the same way, but that is where any similarity of my paintings ends. Often I donít remember applying the color to canvas, it is as if this action is automatic. It is only the movement to and from the easel, several brushes standing in turpentine and the completed paintings that are the reminders of a nearly spontaneous reaction. I now realize that is how naturally creation should occur. I am painting from my imagination, as if my mind and brush are effortlessly connected.

Daffodil - Oil on Canvas - 30" X 24" - $1,050.00 USD

Claire Cullen
2006-11-03 00:04:52
Hello, I really like 'Nagual' and 'Dear Vincent' - The colours/style reminds me a little bit of Neil Cannings work. Nice & bold!
2006-10-08 01:06:52
Hi Calven... as another stong Math/Science grounded artist I would like to add how much I enjoy your 'abstact expressionist' creations. My interest in glass sculpture led me to taking numerous physics courses, of which the most interesting was 'the optics of light' which you briefly touch upon in your 'Science & Art Blog'. Since the Middle Ages many great artists have shared this same wonderment as you and I, the entwining of the sciences and art. I feel the two are almost synonymous when it comes to ocular perception and space.

I really enjoy your two pieces 'China Girl' and 'Dear Vincent' (is this a letter from Theo.?) as they speak to me visually through their use of the 'golden ratio' of which I am a great believer, and dramatic use of the spectrum. 'Nagual' is an intense work that alludes to a wonderful sense of peace and gentle calm, as a setting sun on a distant watery horizon. Continued success on your explorations.
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