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Richly Detailed & Creative
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Cindy Betzer Pharis
Kagel Canyon , California - United States
Pastels - Portraits & Figures

My work comments about relationships and social responsibility, and often explores connections and how we communicate, accept, constrain, or reject these connections to form relationships. I explore nuances of social mores that weaken women, create victims and hierarchies.

Loving to paint and draw people and situations, I often create studies from life and explore watercolor, acrylic, pastel, oil pastel, ink, colored pencil, and use a variety of papers, boards, fabric, and canvas. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember, and teaching it for about twenty-five years. There is still so much to learn and I love the challenge. I welcome suggestions and thoughts, and appreciate being able to share with other artists.

"Exceptional talent and imagination...Betzer's portraits, at first glance, appear to be realistic portrayals of a subject's features, but on closer inspection there emerges a surrealistic subtext..." LA Times
phone: (818)834-8999
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Redefining Beauty: Savanna, A Mathematical Teen - oil pastel, ink - 18"x22" - $1,250.

Laszlo Katona
2015-02-21 22:23:24
Love your art!
Rodolfo Samson J.r
2008-08-27 15:00:32
your piece are wonderful
Matt Farris
2007-10-06 16:55:14
Outstanding work there Cindy.
cathy savels
2007-06-17 04:43:00
Great work. Really unique.
ui uj
2007-06-14 08:06:28
Cindy, you have incredible talent and great development of your skills. I love your pioneer spirit. I also love how you are not afraid to experiment. That Female Energy is really interesting in its interpretation as well.
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