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Modern Art Prints on Canvas
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Anashé Hart
Los Angeles , California - United States
Digital Art - Portraits & Figures

Anashé Hart is a multidisciplinary artist with interests in creating compelling photographic works. Traditional art lies in the base of her artistic abilities, but her fascination in the complexity of digital art serves as her favorite medium. Enamored with photo-manipulation, she enjoys the mix of unconventional modes of design, incorporating a wide variety of techniques and effects. The portrait of Marilyn Monroe & James Dean in the urban cityscape of New York (featured on DeviantART) was the result of that process of creative experimentation. She resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to explore the relationship between our current society and our collective history.

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phone: 8187247277
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Artist Statement
Is this real, or isn’t it? It's common for us to wonder. In fact, it’s a filter that we use for truth. But what value is real based on? What we know or what we feel?

Traditional art lies in the base of my artistic background, but my fascination in the complexity of digital art serves as my favorite medium. Enamored with the mix of unconventional modes of design, my subjects explore new ways of portraying old Hollywood glamour. I find myself in the position of trying to create photographic works of celebrated icons in the context of real glimpses and transparent moments.

The portrait of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe together in the urban cityscape of New York was the result of that process of creative experimentation. Within the span of two years, their fictional portrayal highlighted the complexity of allowing things manifest themselves. To stimulate curiosity for a large segment of the public and project strong intuitive responsiveness was something I had not contemplated. I began to think what is real isn’t the same as getting it right.

To be brilliant is to be misunderstood and much like curiosity, it is a motivational force. To reawaken a sense of wonder through sensibilities is above everything else. It is an emotional reaction not to the perfect or to the complete, but to the imperfect and incomplete. We know just enough to know that we want to know more; there is something here, we just don't know what.

As an artist, I welcome the challenge to reimagine within the framework of ‘what if’s’ and ‘wishful thinking’ for the purpose of discovering the distinction between – brilliant - for what you know is true and – brailliant – for what you feel to be true.

Thank you for visiting my gallery, please visit for more.

- Anashé Hart

Image of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, New York. Canvas Art. 20 x 30 inches ©2011 James Dean and Ma - Gallery Wrapped Canvas - 20" x 30" - $$290 (on sale for limited time $235 at

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