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Visual Poetry
An Earthling's Journey Through Art
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Asterio Tecson
Long Island City , New York - United States
Oil Painting - Social Commentary

The contradictions in life like triumph and despair, peace and conflict are the engines of history and my paintings revolve around these themes. I believe all artist, in many different ways, document their own times and should be responsive to the changes, choices and challenges as events around them unfolds. The creative freedom to pursue new directions in Art and the degree of artistic integrity that artists puts in their works is what personal truth is all about. Art is utterance and each painting is a visual poetry that could either uplift or disturb the viewer from their private complacency. Its a nice thought and feeling to know that all artist have contibuted to the well being of another person or community and tried to be the best that they could possibly be and make this world a much better place to live in.
phone: 646-683-1959
Artist Blogs

"Central Park - Fragments of Remembered Time"
When I first stood before the 4ftX5ft blank canvas, I had no clear idea how things would turn out, very much like the way my favorite abstract painter Jackson Pollock paints. The only thing nagging me then was M.C. Escher's "Night and Day"; Got this silly idea of making my owm version of it-"summer and winter". I have always been fascinated by the 'laws of opposites', yin & yang, triumph & defeat, love & hate, war & peace...the contradictions in life that serves as the engines of history. So the trees with luscious green leaves is ..well..summer; and the dried brown fallen leaves with patches of melting snow as winter. A good foreground, more or less. Lifting through the stack of photos that I took in Provincetown Ma. and Bar Harbor, Me., I came across a nice shot of a Cape Cod lighthouse, which to me is very symbolic and would make a suitable focal point. Lighthouses against the setting sun have been photograhped a zillion times -which qualifies it a 'kitschy' cliche. For a change, I used the famous iconic NASA photo of the planet earth taken by astronauts during re-entry- we often see in ads,magazines and books; and had it in placed instead of the sun. The war in Iraq was raging then and all you see on TV were stealth bombers taking off; in another channel, PBS was showing a film docu of "Pale Male"-that celebrity hawk that builds a nest atop a ledge in a condo tower along fifth avenue in NYC. Zzzzaaappp!! item: 'birds of prey'..there goes a stealth bomber and 'birds of peace'...pale male -ended up where it is now. The Jackie Kennedy wedding photo made such a good match with the young, controversial pop star Paris Hilton- a trendsetter herself like Jackie. Cindy Crawford modelling an elegant Roberto Cavalli gown gives the coumoflaged soldier holding the lastest M-249 assault rifle with night vision scope; a contrast in lifestyles. Images of conflict as that F-18 jet fighter, apache helicopter hovers around anti-war sentiments (Lennon, Dylan..etc) Of course, the picture will not be complete without the images of Superman and Meenie Mouse. Working on the american indians in sepia was a good humbling experience. Read books on the subject and anything about the early indian-american wars; learned how unjustly their tribes have been treated, ancestral land taken and almost got wiped out form the face of earth together with bisons. It was touching...all we have now are their potteries, tools, baskets and other evidences of their rich cultural heritage. These readings eventually led me to include the slave trade and of course, the civil war. The birth pains of building a great nation. I never knew I'd go that far but I did. As tribute to the fallen soldiers in Iraq, I painted the portraits of Joshua Bryer and Michele Witmer; both died from roadside bombs in 2004. A trip to Key West gave me an itch to include Hemingway. The composition was tricky as there were sections where I painted something only to be erased later to give way to a much more appropriate and powerful image. Wasteful, indeed; it was like wading blindfolded through a stream full of landmines. There was no sure fire formula, only gut feelings. I can't recommend this approach to those weak in heart: erasing an image that took almost two weeks is tough. Art is communication and artists I believe should document his own times. It was a personal adventure and exciting all along the way. Cheers! PS: in using published photos, copyrighted images- be sure to check first and write for permission and know the legal limits of the Fair Use Doctrine.

"Beyond Forgetting" - Oil on Canvas - 30" x 40"

Alicia Brown
2009-07-13 17:45:05
your attention to details is unbelievable great works.

2008-08-31 20:28:47
Woah! Great works. How did you create these? Unbelievable. Inspiring..Try to check my site too and give me your feedback.
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