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Works of Animesh Roy
A Traveller's Palette: Joy Of Plein Air
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Animesh Roy
New Delhi - India
Oil Painting - Landscapes

Animesh Roy is inspired by the furious passion of Van Gogh, the adventure and grit in Papillon and Robert Louis Stevenson, Messner for being alone with the mountains, the total irreverence and bohemia of Henry Miller, rebellious youths in The Wild One, "What are you rebelling against? What've you got?", the sublime serenity of Tagore and Ray, and courage and greatness of the Mahatma.
Born in one of the most artistic places in Bengal, Krishnagar, famous for its clay sculptures, Roy has been crisscrossing since a child as his parents had transferable jobs. A sense of adventure was instilled in him as a child through treks in the Himalayas 'Walking down to Saat Taal and getting lost on the way back in the darkness.....'
Inspiration comes from adventure, travel, meeting people, visiting villages, monasteries, temples, churches, mosques, and graveyards. He would not be able to work in the confines of a comfortable city studio. Though many of his works do get physically done...
phone: 0048608619555
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Animesh Roy: Plein Air in Poland
Animesh Roy: Plein Air in Poland
One of our favorite artists, Animesh Roy, exhibits his plein air landscapes from Poland. His thick impasto oils capture the changing scenery beautifully on his canvases. He loves to portray the happier side of life, like these landscapes...

an online solo show of my recent works are on display. please login for viewing
11-Dec-2009 to 10-Jan-2010

my solo show on Web
my solo show on:
please see and give me feedback.
the show will be on from 26th May to 7th June 2008

Plein Air
i take off for the oudoors very often in India. If any of you are interested we can organize a trip and paint outdoors.

Oils Vs Acrylics and The Way I Paint....
Just oil paints straight from the tubes! No turpentine or linseed... yes I paint spontaneously.. Without much of drawing.. frame work.. and it has to come good in one go as I don't much go back to my work after one sitting...never liked working in layers.. one layer first then put to dry and then the next...oh god I can'nt do that... I can'nt even make myself to touch up my old works!! Anyway many moons ago I was told by one of those of self appointed know-all art professors/teachers that one can'nt do oils with my kind of patient!! And that I should do acrylics.. Well we all are impressionable.. I went on to work in acrylics.. but was never happy as the colours are never bright enough for my Indian eye or never subtle...then one day in frustration I started working in oils and am so happy with the results.. Yes it's tough unlike in acrylics but the results are mind-blowing. I use brush, knives, spatula and some time my fingers..

Where are the paintings of yesteryears?
Painting. The old-world meaning was a canvas or paper and paint. But now it has become a dirty word.. something to look down upon... "you actually paint?" is what I hear from all high and sundry... yes I paint using canvas and oils... I still need to go out in the woods, mountains to paint...or use a model or an apple.. no I don't use digital technology.... i don't paint abstract based on some super human intellectual high brow view of the world... I ask am I in a wrong place wrong time?
When did I last see a contemporary work of art that evoked an emotion in my heart? I don't remember.
In my works I am trying to evoke that emotion that we all get when we see real art....

WhiteBriches - Oil on Linen - $Ask Me

Priyanka Puja Mankotia Bhand
2013-06-16 05:07:30 work.
Alicia Brown
2009-06-30 07:51:44
love the texture in the works, Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists.

2008-05-17 14:23:20
evocative paintings ! bravo! i am glad some of us still paint the world rather than our critique of it .
Jean Lorenzo
2007-10-28 05:15:45
I really like your work . Like you i also love a adventure , I usually go to villages like you and It feels so great to meet different people with different stories , stories that are nice to tell and draw
Shaun Taylor
2007-10-18 10:46:28
Inspiring work. Lush and richly colored. Very thought provoking.
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