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Afrika Abney
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Afrika Abney
xxxx - United States
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Afrika Abney has more than 1O years in the arts, exhibition and instruction. Skilled in developing and offering private art programs or workshops, producing flyers and promoting professional artists. Capable of coordinating solo shows.
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Stepping Stones #1-2
Stepping Stones
by Afrika Midnight Asha Abney

Stepping Stones #1 - 2. Mix Media Collage on Paper. 11 1/2 x 7 1/2. 2004

Stepping Stones is a mix media collage series created on paper that focuses on the challenges or journeys that we as human beings faces. Sometimes in life we are faced with trials and tribulations, but we get back up again. This series is a reflection of the steps that we make in order to pick ourselves back up again.

Be empowered and overcome the Stepping Stones and obstructions!

Afrika Midnight Asha Abney

What People Say About Afrika Midnight Asha Abney’s Art

“Your work is powerful.” - Marilyn Hayes, Women Caucus of the Arts (WCA/DC)

“Wow! So much emotions goes into your artwork.” - Paula Bannerman, Artist

“I feel your art as being soft and strong, your colors and patterns pleasant, warm and inviting.” –
A. Theresa Bragg, Public Relations Director, Phish Tea Cafe

“She uses layers of swirls and strokes to capture sky scenes with a palette of blue, green and magenta. Each of these breathtaking paintings has solid, rotund, sculptural forms unfolding in a majestic symphony.” – Misty Brown, Arts Critic

“I love colors. I think colors are striking. The contrast of her usage of colors is remarkable. I love the way she paints. I feel a lot of emotions when I look at her
work.” - Jennifer Hardy, Collector

“I love it when an artist is not afraid of color. Your art is fabulous.” - Jennifer Golden, Artist

“If developing a career path is any evidence, native Washingtonian Afrika Midnight Asha Abney is a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.” – Jennifer Lash, Journalist

“I thought that your work had the right balance of form/no form to engage the imagination. They looked fluid, like they had movement.” – Dr. Trent Tucker

“ My initial feeling viewing your art is breathtaking art with dynamic colors. Since your art are of abstract expressionist elements, I can interpret the subject in context of personal experience or can reconsider the subject of the canvas from an alternate visual perspective than usual similar to learning a language with alternate ways to express a concept; visual elements on your canvas can have a power like an echo that moves on textural planes color fields, or be resonant and penetrating to view because they are relative and interdependent.” – Renee Winfield, Graphic Designer

“The art that you have produced is striking and awe inspiring. My spirit leaps into the paintings.” Jamie Walker, Ph.D., Author/Journalist

“You have some gorgeous pieces. I love Butterfly #2 and "Eyes of a
Mother"”. Tachiea Roland

“Your art is powerful.” Christopher L. Fields, Poet/Author

“Afrika is a wonderful abstract painter.” – Jackie Joice, Author

Artist Statement
Art is an important expression of life that documents the thoughts, experiences, and traditions of an individual. Art is the power to create a specific piece using various materials hightened by tone, volume, depth, and definition. Art is the tool for healing the mind, body and spirit. Art is the colors that glow upon the eyes of both the artist and the viewer. Art is the beauty of the human eye.

The artist frequently is engaged in a dual relationship: one with the materials used for creation; the other with the perceived audience. Allowing the audience to gather its own perspective and to find its own story.

I believe it is truly a blessing to be an artist.

For Art comes natural to me.

Afrika Midnight Asha Abney


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2008-02-17 15:48:41
Exquisite,wonderful and soulful.
Rachel O'Brien
2007-02-20 08:30:32
beautiful work, i really love the contrast in colours in Stepping Stone#2.. Your blessed with talent! x
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